Supplements For Sports Performance

Boost your performance and reach your fitness goals with Bulk Nutrients’ pure sports performance supplements.

Become fitter, faster and stronger in your sport with a little help from Bulk Nutrients. Browse our complete sports performance range and take your performance up a notch today.

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We understand that no matter your passion, you want to perform at your very best. Whether you’d like to improve your endurance, strength and agility as an athlete we can support your journey with our pure nutritional supplements.

Protein Powder for Sports Performance

If you’re keen to improve your sports performance, recovery is your first point of call. Ensuring your body is refuelled after exercise is essential for speeding up muscle repair and recovery so you’re ready to go again day after day.

This is where protein comes in, after training your muscles are craving protein to kickstart the recovery process and rebuild your muscle. Adding in a lean and fast-acting protein shake such as HASTA Whey Protein Isolate is ideal. Plus this particular protein powder is HASTA certified for our high-level athletes too.

Endurance Products for Sports Performance

When it comes to sports performance, boosting your endurance and stamina is where it’s at.

Ensuring you can give your all for a longer period is a one-way ticket to improving your results. This is why we recommend BCAA Recovery and SportsFuel 101 for anyone looking to improve their sporting performance.

BCAA Recovery promotes muscle anabolism during exercise, can increase muscular endurance and may result in reduced recovery times.

Electrolyte Products for Sports Performance

When you train hard, you lose a bucketload of sweat, right? That’s exactly why an electrolyte supplement is beneficial to all athletes; endurance, strength and everything in between.

Electrolytes replace what is lost in sweat and promote rehydration in the body. They’re also great for reducing cramping too! Our electrolyte products combine all necessary electrolytes Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Sodium together.

For a pure electrolyte supplement, we recommend Electrolyte Capsules as they’re so convenient for on the go lifestyles. Or for anyone after a little extra boost for their training Electrolyte Plus is ideal as it contains carbohydrates to replenish glycogen and boost endurance.