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Hiya, I'm Syed!

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Syed's recommendation section is all about getting the most out of training with epic pumps in the gym.

Chocolate Thermowhey

Why I love it: The whey protein blend I rely on during competition prep. My favourite flavour has to be Chocolate but I equally love Rocky road and Salted Caramel.

How I use it: In smoothies, with water post workout, sometimes with milk before bed if I am running low on Casein for recovery.

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Vanilla Protein Pancakes

Why I love it: This is one of the most innovative product Bulk offers. I absolutely love the macros a 100g pack offers. Tastes like a dream and only takes 2 mins to make. Fits perfectly in my breakfast or a tea time snack.

How I use it: 2 perfectly made pancackes with 4 scrambled eggs, handful of mixed berries and a hot cup of tea. Makes the perfect high protein breakfast.

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Protein Ball Mix

Why I love it: A cheat snack I depend on without actually cheating. Takes 2 mins to roll and tastes like a dream. 100g pack offers 35g of protein and I usually include it in my pre workout meal.

How I use it: With my Pre-workout meal - usually with some fast acting carbs like rice cakes and honey.

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Chocolate Muscle Food 101

Why I love it: My go-to carbs and protein blend during my off season. The 2:1 carb and protein ratio makes it a great product for muscle recovery. In a nutshell it is a perfect mass gaining supplement.

How I use it: I take it with plain water or low fat milk. Pre and post training.

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Training Schedule

My fitness eBook contains my full training plan where I break down training each of my muscle groups by day.

Mondays for example I train my back using a variety of lifts and machines like:

  • Wide grip pull ups / 4 sets of 12 - 15 reps
  • Close grip pull downs / 4 sets of 12 - 15 reps
  • Barbell bent over rows / 4 sets of 12 - 15 reps
  • Deadlifts / 4 sets of 8 - 10 reps

Between each set I'll usually go with a 60 second break to recovery slightly but still keep my heart rate up.

Check out my complete training schedule in my free Daredevil Fitness eBook.

My approach to nutrition

My meal plan and frequency of meals depends on the goal I am trying to achieve.

During off season I keep my carbs and protein intake on the higher side 2:1 ratio and keep my fat intake low whereas during a competition prep I reverse the carb vs protein ratios and add in some more healthy fats into my diet.

What is my average daily calorie intake? 3500 during off-season and about 2500 during competition prep

Are there foods you avoid? Why? No sugar in my diet for obvious reasons. I use Bulk Nutrients' Stevia instead.

Foods I crave... I crave for sweet stuff when I am on a calorie restricted diet, but Bulk's Protein Balls and Pancakes always saves my day.

My ultimate cheat meal is... Has to be a Big Juicy Beef Loaded Cheeseburger with sweet potato chips. Burgers are life!

My day on a plate

In my Daredevil Fitness eBook, I've got a comprehensive section on what foods I eat and how they help me reach my goals. Check it out!

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

Working towards winning my WBFF Pro Card this year!

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

Placed 2nd twice in WBFF Fitness Model category - May 2019 and October 2019. Working towards clinching that first spot in 2020!

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