Our classic physique bodybuilder from WA, Tom certainly has the chops to go far!

An ironclad work ethic and superb stage presence earned him the Classic Physique State Title for WA this year! This Perth based personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder was handpicked because he's an absolute machine with a promising career and also - he's a fantastic amateur chef!

Find out more about Tom below!

Hi there, I'm Tom!

I am an amateur bodybuilder for the IFBB Classic Physique division. My journey with weight lifting started 7 years ago when I was just under 18. I remember always being the skinny kid and just wanted to get bigger and bigger.

Since then, I developed a passion and decided to participate further in the sport of weight training. I've had a few highlights including winning the junior ICN Bodybuilding competition twice and recently taking out the Overall Classic Physique title at the WA IFBB Pro League show.

I've been working as a personal trainer for almost 4 years and have a great passion in helping people reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Becoming part of the team at Bulk Nutrients was an amazing achievement for me as I've been using their products for a long time. If you need help selecting supplements that might benefit you then definitely hit me up on my Instagram @tomstanley_pt.


Here are some of the Bulk Nutrients products I swear by!

Bulk Nutrients' - Whey Protein Isolate - Shop Online and Save

Whey Protein Isolate

Why I love it: I choose Whey Protein Isolate for post-workout because when you train, muscle actually breaks down. Using a fast-absorbing protein powder post-workout means you'll be getting all of the essential amino acids back in your system. This means better muscle recovery and faster growth of muscle tissue.

How I use it: I like making smoothie bowls and adding between 50-100g of your favourite cereal to help shuttle the amino acids from the whey protein.

ZMA Complex Capsules

ZMA Complex Capsules

Why I love it: Magnesium especially has a calming effect. I like taking my ZMA after dinner.

How I use it: I either mix my ZMA's into a smoothie, take it with a shot of water, sometimes add it into baked goods as a powder or jus take it with my protein.

Bulk Nutrients' 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate

Why I love it: I've experienced noticeable strength gains taking 5-10g of creatine per day.

How I use it: Mixed with water or in my protein shake.

Micellar Casein Protein

Micellar Casein Protein

Why I love it: Casein is a slow-digesting form of protein containing all of the essential amino acids. I love it because when mixed with almond milk it forms a mousse-like consistency and tastes delicious.

How I use it: Mix 30g with about 200-250ml almond milk.

Bulk Nutrients Green Fusion

Green Fusion

Why I love it: I'm not a big vegetable eater and micronutrient deficiency is something I'd like to avoid. The simplicity of mixing my green fusion with a shot of water every day is reassuring, knowing that it contains a vast array of vitamins and minerals.

How I use it: I just mix it in a shot of water and drink it like that!

Training Schedule

I train 6 days a week with a mixture of weight training and cardio.

I train for around an hour for upper body sessions and my leg days can be close to 90 mins!

I keep my rep ranges around 8-10 or most exercises but I also like to do 15-20 reps for arms and calves.
If I’m in a strength phase, my reps on squats, deads and bench might go to 3-6.

My 3 day split:

  • Chest/back: (minimum 12 sets per muscle group.
    • DB press (flat or incline)
    • chest fly's
    • machine press or chest dips
    • Seated cable row
    • lat pulldown
    • t-bar row
  • Legs:
    • Hack squats 8-12 reps. 4 sets.
    • walking lunges or Bulgarian split squats
    • leg extensions
    • leg curls
  • Shoulders/arms: (2 shoulder exercises and 5 arm exercises)
    • oh DB press
    • lateral raises
    • preacher curl
    • barbell curl
    • alternating DB curl
    • tricep extensions
    • skull crushers

My approach to nutrition

I approach food in quite simply. I usually aim to have around 30-40g of protein in each meal about 5-6 times throughout the day. I typically have a high carbohydrate diet and sticking to fairly low fats.

I am a big eater so making meals that taste delicious is important to me. I'm lucky to enjoy cooking and actually wanted to be a chef when I was younger so I've always had a passion for food.

A day on my plate!

Meal 1: 3 eggs with 2 slices toast with spinach, 4 weet bix. 30g rolled oats with greek yoghurt and blueberries.

Meal 2: 120g Chicken breast, 150g raw weight rice.

Meal 3: 165g lean beef mince, 100g baby peas, 300g White potato.

Post-workout: 40g Bulk nutrients whey isolate, 20-30g bulk nutrients dextrose, 5g creatine, 200ml almond milk, 50g coco bombs.

Dinner: 165g beef mince, 100g vegetables, 150g raw weight rice.

Dessert is a 300-500 calories snack dependent on what macros need to be increased at the end of the day.

Diet you follow... I follow if it fits your macros (IIFYM)

What is my average daily calorie intake? 4200 calories

Foods I avoid... High fat foods and too much refined sugars for health and for metabolic reasons.

Foods I crave... Particularly when dieting, I crave sweets. And I definately crave dim sum as it's probably my favourite meal or meals to have.

My ultimate cheat meal is... Dim sum. Because i love dumplings and buns. So much saltiness and sweetness the flavours are amazing.

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

Building my online coaching business is a huge goal of mine. I have built up a steady business of personal training clients over the last few years and translating that to online would be amazing.

I also have a goal to become an IFBB pro in the classic physique division. This could take years but I aim to achieve this goal at the end of 2021.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

Winning the ICN junior bodybuilding twice (2017,2018)

560 total at novice powerlifting competition (2018)

Winning the IFBB Pro League Classic physique overall in WA. (2020)