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Australian Rules Football is a dynamic game that requires a high level of cardiovascular fitness with good flexibility and strength.

Training and supplementation will often be dictated by an individuals genes, ie, smaller players needing to focus on ‘bulking” and strength with larger, endomorphic players more concerned about weight maintenance and fitness.

For most players of a typical build, 80% of their time will be dedicated to fitness and skills training with 20% strength based.

While strength is an important factor, explosiveness and reaction timing are of greater concern, so players will often focus on “power” rather than typical strength training.

Cardiovascular training is generally a mix of HITT (high intensity drills) with long steady state cardio being an important component considering the length of games. While training and competition is lengthy, with sessions built around 30 minute “quarters” players have ample opportunity to refuel and replenish their energy needs.

Top Products for AFL atheletes include WPC for recovery and strength as well as Joint Support for injury protection and repair.

Beta Alanine can also be beneficial as it increases work capacity/training volume.  Electrolyte Plus and BCAAs also help replenish energy during games and intense training sessions.

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