Supplements For Rugby

Rugby is a game played by two teams using an oval ball. Players try to score points by carrying the ball to their opponent's end of the field, or by kicking it over a bar fixed between two posts.

Training for rugby players should include cardio, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, core, and skill training in their workouts to ensure they are “rugby fit.”

Most of your rugby training should be quite general as the demands of rugby are very similar for all the players on the pitch. After all, no matter what position you play in, you need to be able to run, tackle, pass and catch for the duration of a game.

Squat and deadlift variations, good mornings, clean and press, push press, thrusters, bench press variations, sled-work, medicine ball throws, plyometric exercises, resisted sprinting, and sprinting over short and long distances are all common exercises in a rugby specific training program.

Pre-game energy and mental focus come from Pre Workout 101. To refuel during games the players use BCAA Recovery for fast-tracked muscle repair and Electrolyte Plus to replenish what has been lost through sweat.

Protein Matrix+ is the go-to protein powder for post-game nutrition. It’s fast-acting and great for supporting muscle growth and development as it reaches the muscles so quickly.