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In our capsules Resveratrol is in its purified form at 98% with each capsule delivering a large 200mg dose.

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Resveratrol is best known as the beneficial compound in wine as it naturally occurs in the skin and flesh of grapes and is associated with a range of health benefits. Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol and in research has been found to possess potent antioxidant properties.

Convenient resveratrol capsules

In our capsules resveratrol is in its purified form at 98% with each capsule delivering a large 200mg dose.

With Bulk Nutrients Resveratrol Capsules there’s no need to get out the microscales because each capsule is perfectly dosed and easy to take on the go.

Directions & Ingredients

Resveratrol Capsules Dosage

200mg per capsule. Dose is one capsule.


Take one capsule with or without food, once per day.

Note: Excess consumption of this product may have a laxative effect.


Polydextrose, Resveratrol.


People with issues with red wine or grapes should avoid Resveratrol.


Keep well sealed, store away form moisture, light and heat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Resveratrol Capsules

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is best known as the beneficial compound in wine as it naturally occurs in the skin and flesh of grapes. In our capsules Resveratrol is in its purified form at 98%. Resveratrol is commonly touted for its “lifespan” increasing qualities; however, these claims are highly debatable. Most people take the supplement for its benefit to quality of life as well as its general health benefits.

What are the active ingredients in Resveratrol capsules?

Resveratrol is the name of the active ingredient; Resveratrol shares effects with many bioflavonoids and polyphenols.

Are there any clinical results of Resveratrol working?

Resveratrol is a product which is well backed by research. You can read more about its benefits and look at some worthwhile studies here:

What is a typical dose of Resveratrol?

A typical dose of Resveratrol is 200mg once per day (1 capsule).

Do I take Resveratrol daily?

If taking Resveratrol for general health and protective benefits it would be best to take it daily.

Do I take the Resveratrol with food?

Side effects like an upset stomach are rare when taking typical doses of Resveratrol, however if this is an issue, taking it with food may help.

Is Resveratrol Gluten free?

The ingredients in Resveratrol capsules naturally contain no gluten, though we do process gluten containing ingredients in our facility.

Is Resveratrol Dairy free?


Is Resveratrol vegan/vegetarian free?

Yes, we as we use vegan friendly capsules.

Is Resveratrol safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding?

All our products carry a mandatory supplementary food warning for use while pregnant or breastfeeding due to being supplement product. We recommend you consult your doctor before commencing any supplement program.

How does Resveratrol work?

Resveratrol is understood to have very high antioxidant properties, it is said to be a direct antioxidant as well as being a compound that increases other antioxidants enzymes and pathways. It is also said to mimic some of the benefits of caloric restriction, which means similar benefits one would gain from intermittent fasting.

Are there any side effects to Resveratrol usage?

There is no need to exceed a typical dose of 200mg, however far larger doses can cause people to have upset stomachs and other issues.

Can I use Resveratrol Capsules in conjunctions with other supplements?

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring ingredient and fine to take in conjunction with most other supplements, but we recommend you consult your doctor prior to starting any supplement program.

Can I take too much Resveratrol?

Yes, a 1 capsule dose should not be exceeded. Side effects like upset stomachs are more common with larger dosing.

Resveratrol Capsules Nutrition Panel

Servings per package: 120Servings size: 1 capsules (200mg)
Average Quantity Per ServingAverage Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj)10.31,650
Protein (g)00.1
Fats (g)00
(saturated) (g)00
Carbohydrates (g)0.696.4
(sugars) (g)00.8
Fibre (g)01.3
(polydextrose) (g)0.360
Sodium (mg)0.225
Resveratrol (mg)20040,000

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