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Buyer's Guide To General Health Supplements

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Find The Best General Health Supplement For You

Energise and revitalise your body with our extensive online range of health and wellbeing supplements, there's something for everyone.

Immunity and vitality - Give your body a boost of greens with Green Fusion. A combo of spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and wheat grass it's a natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It's complemented by Red Fusion, a blend of vital red powders derived from pure fruits and vegetables.

Gut Health - Proviotic not only delivers 25% of the RDI of vitamin and minerals but also contains a powerful probiotic that supports healthy gut.

Muscle growth - Look after your body and your lean muscle gains with Natural WPI and Natural WPC

The Benefits of General Health Supplements

So why take a supplement in the first place?

Well, our general health supplements can help you feel better inside and look healthier outside!

While supplements shouldn't replace a healthy diet, a general health supplement can fill any gaps in your diet by delivering a boost in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

This helps you reach your goals faster as well as nourishing your body in different ways from energy levels and immunity to hair and skin, joints and cartilage to healthy muscle growth.

They're a really convenient way to ensure you're getting all the necessary goodies into your body every day, plus they're really delicious too!

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Health and Vitality Frequently Asked Questions

Are all your health and vitality products natural?

Most of our products in this section are 100% natural, but not all of them. The health and vitality range is very broad and it includes extracts, fibres, greens, reds, proteins and amino acids. Check each product if 100% natural is important to you, and if you are confused, feel free to contact our customer service team for confirmation. Please note that Bulk Nutrients have a strict definition of what constitutes 100% natural, this is why we don't add any extras like amino acids to our plant proteins.

What is the difference between Red and Green Fusion?

Although Red Fusion and Green Fusion are both vitamin rich natural powders, they contain different ingredients and have different benefits for your health.

Green Fusion is a blend of super greens including barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina and chorella. These ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Green Fusion is an ideal natural multivitamin as it can help boost immunity and promote detoxification in the body.

Red Fusion on the other hand is packed with natural reds powders from fruits and extracts. This unique formula combines beetroot, blackberry, raspberry and carrot powders, with acai berry, maca and dandelion root. Red Fusion is especially rich in antioxidants, this makes it great for brain and cell function as well as general well being.

For the ultimate multivitamin boost, take Red and Green Fusion together!

Can a greens powder be a substitute for a diet low in vegetables?

In theory it can, however we always recommend that supplements don't patch holes in a bad diet. There is really no excuse for a lack of vegetables, even bodybuilders cutting for competition can get plenty of fibre, vitamins and minerals from low carb vegetables. The benefit of greens or reds is that while a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals, they also incorporate healthy plant nutrients and antioxidants, which synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals usually don't.

Are natural vitamin sources better?

As per the above answer, "natural" forms of vitamins are often considered better for two reasons. The first is better absorption as they are in their natural form, the second is the additional benefit of other plant nutrients and antioxidants which are not contained in purified synthetic versions. In this regard our Greens and Reds should be viewed as "superfoods" rather than supplements.

Why are some of your products in capsules?

There are a few reasons why we choose to stock some of our supplement in capsule form. The first is that some ingredients have a strong and unpleasant taste when consuming in powder form (such as D Aspartic Acid, Green Tea Extract and Alpha GPC). By offering these stronger tasting supplements in capsule form we can remove the unpleasant taste experience and leave all the benefits of the product!

The second reason why capsulated supplements are great is that they're seriously convenient. You can take Bulk Nutrients capsules where ever you go and dosing each serve is much easier (no micro scales, no mess!). Take note too, that all our capsules with the exception of our joint formula are "vegan friendly".

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants include a wide range of molecules that protect other molecules from a chemical process called oxidation. Oxidation can damage cell membranes and other structures such as DNA. Without molecules like DNA in the body, cells can’t function properly and can die. This is where antioxidants come in, they can help prevent and reduce the damage associated with the oxidation process.

You might have heard of free radicals? These are highly reactive molecules caused by uncontrolled oxidation in the body. Although not all free radicals are bad for you, increased free radicals in the body due to external factors such as stress, poor diet, alcohol and smoking can cause damage in the body.

Free radical damage is considered to be one of the causes of early ageing as well as a contributor to some diseases. Antioxidants are able to neutralise free radical and prevent further damage, this is why they’re popularly supplemented.

Antioxidant rich products we stock include Green Fusion, Red Fusion, Maca Powder, Proviotic and Spirulina.

Why would I need a fibre product?

The people most in need of a fibre supplement are bodybuilders cutting for competition and other people on carbohydrate restricted diets like keto and atkins. These diets often mean people have very little natural fibre, so tri fibre + and other products can come in handy. That said, most Australian's do not get enough fibre so the benefits of a fibre supplement are useful to many people. Those eating a lot of refined fast food will likely get less fibre in their diets, however if this is the case we would recommend you work on improving your diet before adding a supplement!

Don't pre-biotics have to be refrigerated?

Once upon a time this was true, however there have been some new development of pro-biotics which means it is no longer the case. At Bulk Nutrients we use a patented shelf / temperature stable form of bacillus stabtilus which does not require refrigeration. This has a shelf life of over two years and is very stable in a wide variety of temperatures.

What do pre-biotics do?

Pro-Biotics support normal immune functions including urinary tract, GI and gut health. These can help digestion of food and by maintaining better gut flora, they can ease issues like constipation, bloating and flatulence. Many diets rich in process food as well as the use of antibiotics can upset healthy gut flora, so the use of probiotics restores these. There is increasing research into the knock on effects of healthy gut biome on everything from brain function to sense of well-being.