Lean Maintenance

Looking for affordable and high-quality nutritional supplements to support your health and fitness?

We’ve got all you need here at Bulk Nutrients with our complete range of pure sports supplements designed to support lean maintenance.

Maintain lean muscle mass, improve recovery and stay lean with our Lean Maintenance product range.

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Protein Powders for Lean Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining lean muscle mass the number one supplement, we recommend is protein powder. Consuming a high protein diet can help maintain lean muscle, speed up recovery as well as boost satiety (the feeling of fullness) throughout the day.

Whey Protein Isolate is a great choice for lean maintenance as it is an extremely pure protein powder containing 90% pure protein per serve with very minimal fats and carbohydrates. Another super lean protein for maintaining is Future Whey. With absolutely zero fats and carbohydrates, Future Whey supports muscle maintenance, growth and recovery.

An additional protein that’s ideal for lean maintenance is Micellar Casein. This slow absorbing dairy protein is the perfect nighttime protein source as it delivers protein to the muscle over eight hours, allowing the body to recover and repair as you sleep.

Amino Acids for Lean Maintenance

Amino acids are also a great supplement for goals of lean maintenance. Amino acids are actually the building blocks of muscle and are essential for everyday functions.

We recommend BCAA Recovery, L Glutamine and Acetyl L-Carnitine for anyone wanting to preserve muscle and maintain a lean physique during a maintenance phase.

  • BCAA Recovery helps the body stay in an anabolic state during training to increase muscular endurance and promote recovery.
  • L Glutamine also has anti-catabolic properties that assist with preventing muscle wastage and promote repair and recovery.
  • If staying lean is important, Acetyl L-Carnitine (Alcar) is a good supplement to add to your stack as it allows the body to more readily use fat for energy