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Meet Tarran, Online Coach and Bodybuilder!

Tarran is an online coach and bodybuilder with aspirations to further her Pro Status and become a WBFF Pro.

Starting straight out of high school, she’s gone on to help countless Australians hit their goals with evidence based training plans and nutrition information.

WBFF Fitness Diva and Bulk Ambassador Tarran

Hey there, I'm Tarran Lee!

I'm an online coach and bodybuilder who's been involved in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer for over 15 years.

My personal ethos is strong body equals strong mind. I have a successful online coaching business where I am passionate about inspiring and educating everyday humans and particularly the LGBTIQ community, through positive body image and confidence through that strength.

My bodybuilding competing career started after I was 30, becoming ICN Pro in my first year and winning ICN Pro World Fitness Champion in 2019. My next goal is WBFF Pro, I have come second in my Gold Coast and Sydney shows and am looking forward to being bigger and better to become Pro next.

- Tarran

My Bulk Recommendations

I've been a fanatical Bulk Nutrients customer for almost 10 years before proudly becoming an ambassador in 2020. I love their products and I hope you love my recommendations too!

Bulk Nutrients' Protein Matrix+ exceptionally creamy and easily digested high quality protein blend

Protein Matrix+

Why I love it: I love the creamy texture that mixes well on just water or in a smoothie. The nutritional profile is perfect for my needs regularly and the price is amazing.

How I use it: How don't I?! 🤣 With ice and water, in a fruit smoothie and I even cook with it!

Bulk Nutrients' Pre Workout 101 certified to crush workouts offers sustained energy more focus and no crash

Pre Workout 101

Why I love it: I don't drink coffee so this is an epic product for me. No crash, no negative effects, tastes amazing - I love it!

How I use it: Just with water on my way to gym - it's a ritual

Bulk Nutrients' Creatine Monohydrate Powder offers great value and can help users gain strength and increase muscle volume

Creatine Monohydrate

Why I love it: Bulk's Creatine Monohydrate is a great price, the quality is superb and it's a supplement I never forgot to take.

How I use it: In my protein shake or with my BCAAs.

Training Schedule

I hate cardio 😜

Daily I like to hit 8-12k steps, depending on where I am at with my bodybuilding seasons.

I train 5 days a week with weights and my current program is...

  • 2 upper days
  • 2 lower body days
  • 1 full body day

It's a hypertrophy based program (this one has lots of reps!)

My aim right now is lots of volume to build some hardcore muscle for my next show.

My programs/exercises vary depending on my training phase. Sometimes I have done powerlifting style training - more strength based and have actually done a few powerlifting comps!

I train because it makes me feel good. I am more energetic when I train and I approach each session with the mindset to be better every single time.

My Nutrition

I love flexible dieting - as a bodybuilder who tracks food almost year round, flexible dieting gives me the ability to have lots of balance.

I am a meal prepper who always preps on the weekend - my freezer is full!

But chocolate is a must in my day 🍫

My favourite food is mexican (with a margarita 😜) and I hate cheese.

Is there a type/style of diet you follow? High Protein

What's your average daily calorie intake? Currently 2700

Are there foods you avoid? Why? Cheese - cos it's yuk

Are there foods you crave? All of them haha I have a great appetite.

What's your go-to cheat meal and why? Mexican - because I'll have a margarita 🍹

Bulk Ambassador Tarran Lee

A day on my plate

Pre workout before training: Pre Workout 101 and pikelets with jam & peanut butter or overnight Weetbix.

Intra Workout: BCAA Recovery

Breakfast: Usually a rice meal with veggies and protein (yes I eat rice for breakfast!)

Morning tea: Protein Smoothie with Protein Matrix+ and fruit (banana and berries)

Lunch: A protein and carb based meal - depending on what I've prepped. Could be a chicken pasta, chicken sandwich, mince and another type of rice etc.

Afternoon Tea: 2 boiled eggs & fruit

Dinner: A protein and carb meal again - depending on life!

Before Bed: ZMA Capsules.

Goals and Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

WBFF Fitness Pro sometime in the next 2 years!

Have you had any exceptional results in the last few years?

  • 2nd Place Fitness WBFF Gold Coast April 2021
  • 2nd Place Fitness WBFF Sydney August 2022
  • ICN Pro
  • ICN Amateur World Fitness Champion 2018
  • ICN PRO World Fitness Champion 2019

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