Alpha GPC 50

Bulk Nutrients brings you quality Alpha GPC 50 powder supplement to aid in athletic performance, brain health, and cognitive function.

Alpha-GPC is considered a naturally occurring substance found in an individual’s brain. It may also come from the food people eat including dairy products, meat, eggs, and fish. Alpha-GPC may also be referred to as alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine or choline alfoscerate and can be synthesized in the body or obtained from natural sources. As a supplement, it comes in powder form.

Alpha-GPC is a nootropic compound that contains choline and anecdotal evidence suggests that it may help with cognitive and athletic performance. It may also benefit brain health. Nootropics are also regarded as cognitive enhancers or ‘smart drugs’ and are substances that may promote cognitive function, memory, motivation, and creation in otherwise healthy individuals.

Alpha-glycerophosphocholine or Alpha-GPC is also a precursor and metabolite to acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine. Alpha-GPC is among the most preferred choline-containing substances or supplements because it only requires 46 percent of the CDP Choline dose to get a similar effect.

Alpha GPC Capsules

Alpha GPC Capsules

The raw Alpha GPC amino acid tastes terrible, so we've put the 100% Pharmaceutical Grade powder into a capsule and developed Alpha GPC Capsules.
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How does Alpha-GPC work?

When you take Alpha-GPC, it increases a brain chemical known as acetylcholine which is important for learning and memory functions. By weight, Alpha-GPC is about 50 per cent choline meaning 1,000 mg alpha-GPC would confer about 500 mg of the dietary choline or supplement. The standard dose for alpha-GPC is between 300 to 600 mg based on the most common label doses.

The dose is based on studies regarding the use of alpha-GPC in enhancing the body power output and increasing growth hormone secretion of which 600 mg were administered. This dose is also a good take for athletes.

When taken to attenuate cognitive decline symptoms, studies have used a dosage of 1,200 mg daily in which it’s divided into smaller doses of 400 mg taken three times a day.

Health Benefits of Alpha GPC 50

Improves memory, focus, and learning

One of the health benefits of Alpha-GPC is that it enhances cognitive function. In persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, Alpha-GPC appears to considerably improve cognitive function when taken as a supplement over an extended period of time.

You know those incidents where you forget things you just did a few moments ago – maybe you cannot remember where you just placed the keys or glasses, where you placed the TV remote, or who you just called this morning. Alpha-GPC helps with the recall of information like names for example, for people or acquaintances you’ve not seen for some time, appointment dates, or actors in films.

As you age, your cognitive function often tends to decline and supplementation of alpha-GPC helps attenuate the cognitive decline rate among the elderly.

Supplementing with Alpha-GPC helps promote the translocation as well as activation of the protein kinase C that is responsible for the long term and short term memory. That’s why you may find that this supplement works well to improve learning, memorization, and thinking.

In one study involving more than 2,000 individuals, it showed that Alpha-GPC is able to benefit the health of the brain. The 1994 clinical trial conducted in Italy entailed various doses administered over 6 months and it resulted in considerable improvement in cognition among 3 of 4 measurement scales.

Mood support

You may also take Alpha-GPC to enhance your mood as well as social behaviour. Alpha-GPC supplementation offers an effective cholinergic enhancement and it influences the activation and release of GABA, a brain chemical or neurotransmitter that is responsible for promoting calmness.

Enhancing power output

During exercise, Alpha-GPC proves beneficial to body composition. One study showed to improve power output by 14 percent when compared to the group that didn’t take the substance (placebo). This makes the product to be a perfect supplement to your workout routine. Buy Alpha GPC 50 per cent Powder from Bulk Nutrients and see how you step up your cognitive function and improve your mood and power output.

Bulk Nutrients offers 100% Pharmaceutical Grade powder, and because the raw Alpha GPC amino acid tends to taste terrible, that’s why we deliver it in capsules.

Is Alpha-GPC hygroscopic?

Yes, Alpha-GPC is considered a hygroscopic compound, meaning it tends to draw in moisture from the surrounding air. This makes it change from powder form to a gel-like substance if you don’t store it properly. While our tight-sealed packaging ensures that you get the product in powder form capsules. However, the hygroscopic effect does not necessarily indicate that the substance is degraded; it’s just an indication of improper storage. You want to ensure that you store your capsules in airtight containers to prevent this effect.

Since Alpha-GPC 99% Powder may be more sensitive to hygroscopy, we offer you the most commonly used version of 50 per cent powder which is a better choice if you worry about the powder turning to a gel-like substance.

Buy Bulk Nutrients’ Alpha-GPC 50 Powder for the best health benefits including cognitive function and power output during workouts.