Supplements For Athletics

Athletics is one of the oldest and most classic sports of all time. Originating from the first Olympics held in ancient Greece, athletics has grown in popularity and was undertaken by athletes across the world.

These events are very closely associated with the Olympics, but competition in these sports is held at the youth level, high school, university, and professional ranks year-round worldwide.

This sport varies widely and requires different skill sets for each event. Some events call for speed and strength and other events require endurance and tactics.

Pre Workout 101 gives competitors the energy and mental focus to compete with no crash. UniSport athletes love refuelling between and during events with BCAA Recovery for fast-tracked muscle recovery and Electrolyte Plus to replenish what has been lost through sweat.

Athletics is tough on the muscles which makes a protein powder a great addition to post-event nutrition. HASTA Whey Protein Isolate is ideal for supporting muscle growth and development as it reaches the muscles quickly.