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Endurance sport refers to sporting activities undertaken by individual athletes in which key muscles are exercised at maximal intensity for a prolonged period of time. Examples of endurance sports include triathlons, cycling, marathons and swimming.

Endurance athletes devote countless hours to their training, pursuing hundreds of laps in the pool or tracking many kilometres of running or cycling each day. No matter how they train, endurance athletes complete a great volume of training. This places immense strain on their bodies physically and mentally meaning that diet and supplementation is very important.

Replenishing carbs and electrolytes during long periods of exercise is vital to keep the body fuelled with energy to keep going. Electrolyte Plus improves hydration by replacing glycogen and electrolytes during exercise whereas Recuper8 assists endurance and enhances recovery for those competing in gruelling events.

Supplementing with Joints Complex will aid in maintenance and repairs of joints while taking a protein such as Protein Matrix+ will help muscles recover faster between training sessions.

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