Supplements For Functional Training

Functional training comprises group-based mixed training programs such as F45 and CrossFit as well as Tabata, HIIT, and Bootcamp style classes.

This sport combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise and is based on functional movements derived from weight lifting, gymnastics, running and more completed in a circuit style environment.

Functional training has grown quite the fan base with group training facilities popping up everywhere worldwide.

Those involved in functional fitness need great flexibility, coordination and skills training. CrossFit athletes, in particular, require amazing strength and great muscular endurance as well. It’s a really dynamic sport that delivers a fun way to burn calories and get fit.

Some supplements which we recommend for functional training include Protein Matrix+ to support recovery and lean muscle growth, Joints Complex to help injuries and joints recover faster and Creatine Monohydrate for strength and muscular endurance. Some athletes also choose to take a pre-workout such as Pre Workout 101 for heightened energy and Beta Alanine to aid in extra training volume.