Supplements For Swimming

Swimming is without a doubt Australia's most successful Olympic sport with swimmers representing our nation at every summer Olympics since 1900. Swimming can be an individual or team sport as well as an activity for people of all ages. Competitions are most commonly held in pools but are also undertaken in open water for example as a part of a triathlon.

Demanding strength and speed along with endurance for longer events, training is mostly undertaken at the pool to improve technique and form. Swimmers also put in time at the gym to work on their strength and conditioning.

Our resident cyclist and Ambassador Nicole Frain will often incorporate swimming into her training, especially when she was training for the Active Tri Series and the Iron Man. From sprint style sessions and longer endurance style swims.

For Nicole swimming was also a useful tool for active recovery when she was injured as it was gentle on the body.

The top supplements for swimmers as recommended by Nicole include Electrolyte Plus to replace electrolytes and deliver energy for endurance as well as BCAA Recovery to prevent catabolism. Creatine can assist with improved performance, Protein Matrix+ will help muscle growth and recovery after training while Joints Complex helps support joint maintenance and repair.