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Bulk Nutrients: Your source of high-quality weight loss supplements

Looking for affordable, high-quality diet supplements? That’s where we come in.

Our range of weight loss supplements in Australia can give you the boost you need to achieve your goals.

From protein powders and fat burners to amino acid-based supplements, our selection of weight loss products has everything you need to help you on your way.


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Check out our guide to Calculating Your Calorie Deficit to help with your weight loss journey.

Let our high-quality weight loss supplements support your fitness and nutrition plan so that you can achieve the best results possible.

Which Weight Loss Supplements Should You Take?

Everyone has a different goal when it comes to weight loss, which means there’s no one-size-fits-all weight loss supplement.

Whether you’re entering a big cutting phase or looking to drop a few kilos to feel lighter and healthier, we have a weight loss supplement to help you reach your goals.

However, remember that while our products for weight loss can support your journey, they need to be taken in conjunction with a healthy, nutritious diet and regular exercise.

Protein Powders as Weight Loss Supplements

A lean and pure protein powder is ideal for supporting lean muscle growth, speeding up recovery on a weight loss diet and inducing satiety.

Our most popular weight loss protein is Thermowhey with its combination of pure whey protein isolate (WPI), Micellar Casein and special metabolism boosting ingredients.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is another great choice as it contains less than 1g of fat and carbs per serving and has negligible lactose content, making it suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

If you're Vegan or generally avoid dairy? You can't go past Earth Protein for a plant protein. It's a pure and delicious protein powder that can help support your weight loss goals without compromising your dietary restrictions.

Amino Acids as Weight Loss Supplements

Amino Acids can be a very handy tool in your arsenal when it comes to weight loss, especially Acetyl Carnitine (Alcar) which also comes in a handy capsulated version.

Supplementing with Acetyl Carnitine Powder or Capsules can assist with fat loss as this amino acid allows the body to use stored fat for energy more easily.

Fat Burners as Weight Loss Supplements

If you're keen to take things up a notch, a fat burner might be a good addition to your current weight loss plan.

AM Burner and PM Burner are a 24-hour fat loss combo that supports a healthy metabolism, increased energy levels, recovery and they can keep your appetite in check. Learn more about AM & PM Burner in this article.

Capsules For Weight Loss

We also offer a range of natural extracts and specialty formulas in capsule form for ease of use.

Konjac Root Capsules contain a natural fibre that can induce satiety, while Green Tea Extract Capsules may assist in weight control.

You might like to check out our in-depth article... 5 myths about fat loss holding your diet back.

Why are our products some of the best weight loss supplements in Australia?

At Bulk Nutrients, we're committed to helping you reach your goals with our range of pure weight loss supplements.

Aussie-owned and operated, we offer a range of high-quality productsthat can support your fitness goals. We offer our proteins, amino acids, fat burners and more at low prices every day of the year.

Purchase any of our weight loss supplements for women and men today and we'll get them to you as quickly as possible with Australia Post. Our flat rate for shipping is just $9, and all orders under 3.5kg go Express!

A bit short on cash? Not a worry, we offer Afterpay and PayPal Pay in 4, so you can buy your supplements now and pay for them later with smaller interest-free payments.

Browse through our weight loss products in Australia today!

Frequently Asked Questions: Products For Weight Loss

I've tried everything to lose weight and nothing works for me! What weight loss supplements should I buy?

If you feel you have tried everything and nothing has worked, we don't think weight loss supplements are the answer. We are very confident that our products can help by having a minor but very real effect.

However, they will never make up for a poor diet or when you take in more calories than you burn.

Changes in weight occur with large lifestyle changes. For instance, eating more healthy foods such as whole foods, fibrous vegetables, and healthy protein and fat sources is one of the most important factors for successful and sustained weight loss.

Weight loss supplements are just one of the tools that can help you get there.

We agree with the adage that "you can't out train a bad diet," but combining a good diet with regular activity — such as daily gym sessions, walking, or taking up a sport —will really boost your weight loss efforts.

Can I lose weight just by adding your weight loss supplements to my diet?

If your diet and exercise efforts are sound and you are maintaining or losing weight, then adding a weight loss supplement may work well.

Products like Thermowhey can help increase the feeling of fullness, while fat burners can have a positive impact on metabolism and mood.

However, keep in mind that any products for weight loss will not work if you have a poor diet and / or you are constantly overeating.

Can I burn fat and build muscle at the same time while using weight loss supplements?

You can early on, but if you have been training for a long period of time, it’s unlikely that you will achieve both of these goals at the same time while using weight loss supplements.

We suggest identifying which goal is more important to you. If you have a significant amount of body fat but want to build muscle, it would make sense to lose excess fat first and then build muscle once you are happy with your body fat levels.

If you are reasonably small and want to get bigger while staying lean, start by putting on muscle, then later focus on stripping back fat once you have reached your muscle or strength goals.

How can I lose water weight?

Water weight is caused by many things, such as out-of-balance hormones (menopause is an example). More commonly, a bad diet is the main contributor. By bad diet, we mean foods that are highly processed, high in GI carbohydrates (such as sugars), and high in sodium.

Excess water weight is often linked to excess body fat levels, so reducing body fat levels often means you will hold less water.

Is cardio or weight training better to lose weight?

Can we say neither?

Someone smart once said "6 packs are made in the kitchen not in the gym" and at Bulk Nutrients, we agree with that. Weight loss is all about eating healthy foods in the right proportions. Get this right, and you'll be 90% of the way there.

From here, it comes down to how you want to look once that body fat has been removed.

If you are built like a rugby player and just want to be lean, cardio may be a great choice! On the flip side, if you're naturally skinny and don't want to look like a marathon runner, then hitting the gym may be a smarter option.

Building some muscle can make a big difference in how you look, especially once that body fat is gone. Not to mention, having some muscle will help you burn more calories!

Whatever you choose, remember that consistency is key! Planning to go to the gym five times a week makes no sense if you can barely make it to three, and planning to run when you love to cycle is counterintuitive. Choose exercises and activities you’ll enjoy! The more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to do it and achieve your weight loss goals.

It's always better to set some reasonable (and attainable) goals and ramp things up once you have been consistent for a few months. Once you’re ready to challenge yourself, increase your weights, run an extra kilometre or try a new sport!

Which product is best for me to cut before my bodybuilding comp?

Ah, now you are talking on our level.

Bodybuilders know how to cut, and they know what sacrifice is! Any of our proteins will work fine, as they are all low in fat and carbs and high in protein — so pick a flavour you like best and one that suits your lifestyle or dietary restrictions!

From there, we recommend a weight loss product like our AM or PM Burner to give your results a kick.

Next, you could consider Acetyl L-Carnitine — it helps the body use stored fat for energy, boosting your energy levels and improving your weight loss efforts!

What is best to help suppress appetite?

If you want to reduce your cravings and suppress your appetite, our AM Burner is a good weight loss supplement to start with.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one option with protein, then our Thermowhey is another option! It uses a blend of proteins, including casein, which is absorbed more slowly and can help with appetite control.

Our fat burners work in a variety of ways: they help control appetite, mobilise fat for energy and increase a feeling of fullness.

Paired with a consistent workout routine and a healthy diet, your weight loss goals will be within reach.

Are supplements necessary for weight loss?

No — but they help! The real key to weight loss is a diet where you ingest fewer calories than you burn, using foods, meals and timing that you can maintain.

Next to a suitable diet, you’ll need an appropriate exercise or training plan. The secret to knowing if your training plan is good is if it inspires you to eat better. You’ll think, “I don’t want to spoil the results of this training with bad food!”

Once you get the balance between diet and exercise right, you can add weight loss supplements to your regime and enhance results.

What supplements are good for weight loss?

The best weight loss supplements for you will depend on your goals. Generally, you can start by adding protein to your diet — be it pure protein or a fat-loss-specific product, like Thermowhey.

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