Protein Mousse Multi Pack

A creamy, high protein treat made in seconds, Bulk Nutrients' Protein Mousse Multi Pack will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

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Lactose Free

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Protein Mousse Multi Pack - Healthy Treat Alternative

Looking for a high protein, guilt free treat? Our easy to mix, convenient single serve sachets of Protein Mousse are the perfect any time treat.

Naturally high in glutamine and BCAAs it's functional in supporting muscle repair and recovery as well as tasting great.

Enjoy two delicious flavours, Caramel and Choc Honeycomb, in our mixed pack. For all the Choc Honeycomb fans, we offer a 7-pack of this delightful flavour!

No added sugar, healthy fats

Our nutritionally rich blend of dairy proteins and hydrolysed collagen peptides is naturally sugar free, and and contains at least 24 grams of protein. That's as much as a shake of WPC, but perhaps just a tad more delicious!

Medium Chain Triglycerides help with feelings of fullness, which as any dieter knows, really helps when you're watching your macros.

Directions & Ingredients


A single dose is a one single serve sachet of 43g.


Add 75ml of water (approximately 1/3 cup) in bowl then sprinkle contents of sachet on top of the water. Whisk vigorously for 60-90 seconds immediately after adding powder.

If you can wait, refrigerate until chilled - but if not, enjoy immediately!

Protein Mousse Multi Pack Ingredients

Micellar Casein, Vana Monte-Whipping Agent [Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil (Palm Kernel and Fully Hardened Palm Kernel), Emulsifiers (Tara Gum, Acetic and Fatty Acid Esters of Glycerol), Milk protein, Stabiliser (Di Potassium Phosphate)], Whey Protein Concentrate, Hydrolysed Collagen, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Flavouring, Gelatin, Xanthan Gum, Sweetener (Sucralose).

Note: Chocolate based flavours contains Cocoa.


Contains Dairy.


Keep well sealed, protect from moisture, light and heat.

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Frequently asked questions about Protein Mousse Multi Pack

How does Protein Mousse taste?

Bulk Nutrients' Protein Mousse is flavoured and is generally considered to taste delicious.

What is Protein Mousse made from?

Protein Mousse Multi Pack has a variety of ingredients, please see the Directions & Ingredients tab for full listing.

Are samples available of Protein Mousse Multi Pack?

Sorry we do not provide samples of Protein Mousse Multi Pack.

How is it packaged?

Bulk Nutrients' Protein Mousse Multi Pack is packaged in 7x single use 43g satchets.

Protein Mousse Multi Pack Nutrition Panel

Servings per sachet: 1Servings size: 43g
Average Quantity Per ServingAverage Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj)8091,882
Protein (g)25.058.1
Fats (g)7.517.5
(saturated) (g)6.815.9
Carbohydrates (g)6.414.8
(sugars) (g)3.27.5
Sodium (mg)142331

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