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Bulk Nutrients is your one stop shop for vegetarian supplements! Check out our selection of vegetarian friendly protein powders, recovery formulas and protein snacks.

We have a great range of products and supplements for vegetarians.

The Best Vegetarian & Vegan Supplements

From proteins to general health and wellbeing products, Bulk Nutrients’ will tick all your boxes when it comes to buying vegetarian and vegan supplements online in Australia.

With so many options to choose from, give Bulk Nutrients’ Shop by Diet a try. It allows you to view all the products from our massive range which are specifically vegan or vegetarian friendly.

Vegetarian and Vegan Proteins

  • Earth Protein offers a perfect balance of pea and rice proteins combined together to create a delicious plant-based protein.
  • Rice Protein contains only organic brown rice protein that’s easy on the digestive system and offers a great spread of amino acids vital for muscle development.
  • Pea Protein derived from peas and is considered one of the best vegan protein sources for both muscle growth and recovery available.
  • Soy Protein offers one of the highest nutritional values available and can be used to build muscle as well as losing weight.
  • Hemp Protein is 100% Australian grown and completely organic, this protein option offers a natural source of omega 3 and 6 whilst being easily digested.

A Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Replacement

  • Earth Meal is a premium plant based meal replacement, containing only real and nutritious ingredients to give you a balanced source of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Vegetarian and Vegan Health Supplements for General Health

  • Green Fusion is a blend of natural green superfoods for an optimal source of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.
  • Red Fusion combines the highest quality natural fruit and vegetable powders, delivering a red super food blend to boost both energy and immunity levels.
  • Raspberry Ketones this pure source of ketones (over 98%) are said to boost the metabolism, having a positive effect on weight loss.
  • Spirulina contains a large variety of vitamins and minerals, offering many benefits when it comes to your body and immune system.
  • Maca Powder has traditionally been known as a sexual enhancer and said to host of many benefits for both men and women alike.
  • Green Tea Extract is a low caffeine option which can assist with fat loss and weight control.
  • Cissus Quadrangularis (10-1) among other benefits, can be used as an effective anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce joint pain.
  • Creatine Monohydrate helps with muscle mass and strength gains, suitable for body builders and endurance athletes alike.

Why choose Bulk Nutrients for your Vegetarian and Vegan Supplements?

Because we know how hard it can be to ensure you’re getting all the proper nutrients from your food choices, Bulk Nutrients strives to offer a great, pure range of products no matter your goal or diet.

All orders 3.5kg and under sent express, with a flat shipping rate of $7 for all orders.

On Bulk Nutrients, you can now pay for your supplements using Afterpay or Zip Pay or PayPal Pay in 4, which divides the total price into smaller instalments at no extra cost.

Vegetarian & Vegan Protein Frequently Asked Questions

Are your plant / vegan products all natural?

All of our plant / vegan range - which consists of our Earth, Rice, Pea, Soy, Greens, Reds etc contain only natural ingredients. Beware of the term "natural" though as many companies add amino acids to their plant products and claim use of the word "natural". At Bulk Nutrients "natural" means only natural sweeteners and flavours are used, and no additional ingredients such as amino acids or fillers are added to any plant based products.

Are your plant / vegan products organic?

While not certified organic, most of our plant proteins are supplied from the manufacturers with "pesticide free" lab reports, This helps verify the purity of the product and demonstrates they are free from contaminants. In addition to this, Bulk Nutrients have a close relationship with suppliers with many being utilised of our suppliers being consistently for 10+ years.

Is Earth Protein a better option than Pea or Rice Protein separately?

This is a little like the WPC vs WPI question, but in short, we think so depending on what your priority is.

Earth Protein has been formulated to offer balanced levels of each, which means you minimise the disadvantages each protein source. In this case Pea Protein has lower levels of Alanine, Cysteine. Glycine and Methionine while Rice Protein has lower levels of Lysine and Trytptophan. Blended, they are more balanced and we find the combination of these two proteins along with the flavouring and sweetener used results in a more enjoyable product.

If you want the best tasting plant protein around, Earth Protein is a great place to start.

Is whey protein powder vegan?

Whey protein powder is not vegan friendly as it comes from the milk and cheese making process. This means whey protein is suitable for vegetarians but not vegans.

We have a huge range of plant based products suitable for vegans though, including Rice, Soy, Pea and Hemp Proteins as well as combination proteins like our Earth Protein.

Do you sell a raw vegan protein powder?

We sure do, we sell raw versions of Pea, Rice, Hemp and Soy Proteins which are all great quality and very pure. We select these based on great mixability, taste and quality.

Are any of your pre workouts vegan/vegetarian friendly?

Our Pump FX Capsules and Non Stimulant Pre Workout are 100% vegan friendly. If you're ever unsure just look for the vegan/vegetarian tick on product pages.

Is collagen ok for vegetarians/vegans?

Collagen is not vegetarian/vegan friendly. Collagen is made from animal bone, skin and cartilage so vegans and vegetarians should not supplement with collagen. If you're vegan and want a great pure protein source with masses of key amino acids, we would recommend our amino acid product Future Whey.

I'm not vegan / vegetarian, should I try a plant / vegan shake?

Variety in the spice of life and we're rather proud of our vegan / plant proteins, so we'd say absolutely! There are many reasons why you may want a plant based shake, you may want to ease digestion, you may want to consume less animal products, you may have determined its better for the planet. With so many options available it is likely one will suit your needs / tastes, however understand these are not "milkshakes" like drinking whey.

So how do plant based drinks taste?

Our plant proteins, especially the Earth are best described as a smooth "earthy" taste. You are ultimately drinking peas and rice, however there is a nice texture and nuttiness to them. They are also naturally sweetened and flavoured, so are lighter than a whey based milk shake ion the way they are flavoured. The clear vegetable / legume undertones are there, but when this is expected, people find them pleasant.