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Bulk Nutrients' Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein

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Product Description

Guess what? Our Hemp Protein is now 100% Australian Grown and completely organic!

At Bulk Nutrients, we choose to buy local whenever possible, so we're happy to be supporting the budding hemp protein industry here in Australia.

Due to the change in supplier there’s been a slight price increase, but we think it’s worth it for high-quality Australian Hemp Protein with impressive macros.

Bulk Nutrients' Hemp Protein is made from 100% hemp seeds

Totally organic, plant-based protein

Hemp Protein is one of the best natural sources of plant protein available today. It’s completely free from dairy and lactose, vegan-friendly and a great addition to any healthy diet.

Hemp Protein has a slightly nutty/earthy taste which tastes great when added to baked treats and smoothies.

Why use hemp protein?

  • Dairy and lactose-free – perfect for vegans
  • Natural source of omega 3 and 6
  • Full spread of amino acids
  • Easy to digest
  • Sustainable protein source

Excellent source of essential fatty acids

Unlike any other plant or whey based protein, hemp is a natural source of essential fatty acids. Our hemp protein contains up to 11% fat with a good balance between omega-3 and omega-6. These kinds of fats are integral to the normal function of tissues in the body and must be obtained from food as they aren’t produced by the body.

Hemp is also high in fibre which is necessary for a healthy digestion system.

Clean and green protein

Hemp Protein is extracted from hemp seeds and is typically the by-product of the hemp oil making process.

Hemp Protein does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the intoxicating agent of hemp (marijuana), and therefore does not contain any intoxicating properties making it safe to consume as food.

Hemp Protein is super sustainable

Hemp is an environmentally friendly choice as it is one of the most sustainable crops in the world. Hemp can grow in any climate, is very resilient and has the ability to absorb CO2 emissions as it grows. 

Find out more about Hemp Protein with Sam and Ben

Hemp Protein Powder Nutrition Information
Servings per 1kg package: 33 Servings size: 30g
  Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj) 465 1550
Protein (g) 15.3 50.9
Fats (g) 3.9 12.9
  (saturated) (g) 0.4 1.3
Carbohydrates (g) 1.4 4.7
  (sugars) (g) 1.2 4.1
Fibre (g) 4.7 15.8
Sodium (mg) 0.2 0.5
Hemp Protein Typical Amino Acid Profile
  Per serving (30g) Per 100g
Alanine (mg) 570 1900
Arginine (mg) 1635 5450
Aspartic Acid (mg) 1404 4680
Glutamic Acid (mg) 2406 8020
Glycine (mg) 606 2020
Histidine (mg) 369 1230
Isoleucine (mg) 564 1880
Leucine (mg) 909 3030
Lysine (mg) 498 1660
Methionine (mg) 1650 5500
Phenylalanine (mg) 612 2040
Proline (mg) 528 1760
Serine (mg) 657 1760
Threonine (mg) 465 1550
Tryptophan (mg) 1590 5300
Tyrosine (mg) 378 1260
Valine (mg) 693 2060


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  • help protein

    Posted by on Jun 12, 2018

    Great plant based protein powder. Good quality, high protein. Mixes well.

  • Give it a go

    Posted by on May 28, 2018

    A perfect protein to add into just about anything. I add it into shakes, I add it into protein balls, I adapted one of the bulk nutrient recipes for brownies. There is a slight nutty flavour but I feel that it adds to the taste.

  • Perfect for my overnight oats

    Posted by on May 02, 2018

    I was a little worried about the comments regarding the flavour profile, and slightly surprised by the colour of this product, but it tastes amazing as part of my overnight oats mix! I found that earth protein always made my breakfast quite sweet, but the hemp protein is perfect!

    The oats are smooth when I eat it - I don’t get any grittiness from the protein, and it doesn’t upset my stomach at all. Loving this product!

  • My wait has finally paid off

    Posted by on Apr 19, 2018

    Was waiting for sometime to try hemp protein and am happy it is finally available. Has a more nutty taste than the other earth proteins that I quite like. Easily digestable and am happy with the results

  • it made me super constipated

    Posted by on Apr 18, 2018

    I am the lucky one who ended up super constipated with this product. I drank it with cocunut water - it was OK to drink but I am still not back to normal bowel motion wise - so I have not even tried taking a smaller amount to see if the effect is bareable. Apparently this only happens to a few people- but lets see

  • the best protein

    Posted by on Mar 19, 2018

    Definitely better than other protein i tried (whey, rice, pea protein). It was quite hard to find organic hemp protein with a correct price in australia, raw taste is not too bad actually. Very happy with this produce.

  • Stomach cramps

    Posted by on Feb 21, 2018

    The taste is good, but it gives me terrible stomach cramps. Probably just me.

  • Great tasting vegan protein

    Posted by on Jan 22, 2018

    Finally a healthy and pleasant tasting vegan protein powder

  • yay

    Posted by on Jan 18, 2018

    I'm really glad you've started selling hemp protein; it has been quite hard to find this in Australia. It has a strong flavour, so not ideal for shakes, but it is brilliant for baking. It has a good texture and flavour, especially in savoury foods.

  • Great Vegan Option

    Posted by on Jan 06, 2018

    This protein mixed really well in my green smoothie (as someone else noted), it's not at all grainy or chalky, as some powders can be. My recipe tasted great (kale, coconut water or cold tea and frozen banana, mango and pineapple) and blended really well. With a great protein profile and omega 3 and 6 levels, this powder will become a regular part of my diet.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 17 | Next

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