8 Healthy Dinner Ideas

8 Healthy Dinner Ideas

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Aug 21, 2019

Here at Bulk Nutrients, we are big fans of simple, healthy dinners.

We love food and get excited about tucking into a fresh and filling meal of an evening.

Unfortunately, like many people, nights are often busy and so we love nothing more than a quick and easy recipe.

So, here are some of our favourite healthy dinner recipes for you to try out.


Quick and Easy High Protein Veggie Frittata

Are you a fan of a classic fritatta? Then you must try ours!

This high protein Veggie Frittata combines sweet potato, mushrooms, asparagus and other fresh veggies with eggs and feta to make the most delicious dinner option.

Team it with a fresh salad for a quick and easy meal!

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Yellow Chickpea Curry

Do you love curries? Well, this Thai Yellow Chickpea Curry will surely tickle your fancy then!

Combining a base of potato and chickpeas with spices and coconut milk, this creamy curry will fill you up and provide you with a boost in protein from the inclusion of our Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides.

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Keto Ricotta Gnocchi with Tomatoes and Asparagus

We've taken away the high carb content from a classic gnocchi to create this delicious Keto dinner option.

Substituting ricotta for potato, this pasta base is high in fats and tastes amazing.

Oh and how could we forget the sauce? This burnt butter based sauce incorporates tomatoes and asparagus for some extra flavour and nutritional benefits.

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Creamy Beetroot and Red Fusion Risotto

How does a fresh and creamy risotto sound for dinner?

Our Beetroot Risotto is loaded with antioxidants from the inclusion of our Red Fusion powder!

It tastes great and is sure to please the whole family.

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Vegetarian Egg Omelette Sushi

Who's a fan of sushi?

If you'd like to create your own then we have the ultimate quick and easy Egg Omelette Sushi recipe.

Simply prepare your fillings and rice, roll your sushi and enjoy!

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Cheesy Keto Meat Pie

Love a classic meat pie? Shame it's so high in carbs!

Well, not anymore! This Keto Meat Pie recipe features a tasty low carb base, with a high protein mince filling and a high fat cheesy topping.

The hardest part about this recipe is saving some for a friend!

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Low Carb Collagen Mushroom Soup

Here's a delicious, creamy soup option for those cooler winter months!

Our Low Carb Mushroom Soup blends fresh veggies with stock and our Raw Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides for a boost in protein.

Team it with some low carb bread and butter for the ultimate Keto dinner option.

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Quick and Easy Beetroot and Bean Burgers

Who can say no to a burger?

Unfortunately many burgers are loaded with fats and carbs. That's where our healthy Beetroot and Bean Burgers come in!

They're loaded with nutritious ingredients and super quick and easy to make.

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