Choc Honeycomb Protein Powder & Supplements

Our favourite flavours and snacks such as chocolate honeycomb have been shown to trigger reward centres in the brain. That’s part of why even after a particularly hard day, a delicious snack can make you feel as if everything is going to be alright.

With a flavour like that in your favourite protein shake, you can now reward yourself every time you hit your daily fitness goals or just want to take a healthful protein-filled snack.

Bulk Nutrients is the premier Australian owned and operated seller of the best protein supplements in Australia, and now brings you choc honeycomb protein supplements. This delicious flavour comes to you across our full range of products so that you can enjoy it exclusively with your favourite Bulk Nutrients protein shake.

Choc Honeycomb Whey Protein Supplement

Whey protein is a very affordable, wholesome animal-derived protein supplement derived from the by-products of milk processing to produce cheese. Because it involves little processing, you can buy cheap wholesome, naturally pure, and super delicious whey protein supplements from Bulk Nutrients here in Australia.

Whey protein contains all the essential amino acids needed for your body to both recover lost protein and build up lean muscle mass as it repairs and renews itself after intense exercise.

If you have no problem with animal dairy, then our delicious choc honeycomb is the best protein supplement for you to cover all your protein needs.

Choc Honeycomb Whey Protein Concentrate

While raw whey protein can have anything from 30-90% per cent protein and the rest of it in fat and other compounds, whey protein concentrate always has at least 80% protein by content. That means you get a much higher protein value and very little fat, carbs, and other components found in whey powder.

Bulk Nutrients brings you delicious whey protein concentrate flavoured with choc honeycomb. Once you make yourself a warm or hot protein shake from this supplement, you will never go back to plain whey protein concentrate will still have dairy compounds, so if you’re allergic, you will need to change to either natural whey protein isolate (NWPI) or vegan protein powder supplements.

Choc Honeycomb Whey Protein Isolate

Whey protein isolate contains at least 90% protein content, which makes it the best protein supplement with an extra punch for faster recovery and faster bulking, depending on the use.

Bulk Nutrients produces ultrapure, 100% natural whey protein isolate flavoured naturally with choc honeycomb. The protein is isolated from other whey components such as fats and milk solids to leave only protein and a few others.

Protein isolate contains no compounds that will irritate those with dairy allergies, making it perfect for vegetarians.

Since it has no fats and very little carbs, whey protein isolate is also perfect for those who want minimal calories in the protein supplement.

Choc Honeycomb Vegan Protein Supplement

Bulk Nutrients produces plant-derived vegan protein supplements to fulfil the needs of vegans. Plant proteins are generally healthier than whey proteins when it comes to fat and carb content, although some essential amino acids may not present sufficient quantities even in “whole” protein plant products.

That is why we have a whole range of plant vegan protein supplement products from hemp protein, soy protein, brown rice protein, and pea protein as well as our Earth Protein and Earth Meal.

All these protein powders are flavoured with the delicious choc honeycomb which makes drinking a rewarding experience. Given the fact that vegan supplements are less creamy and take better to protein shakes, you can even add some of your flavour blends for a truly gratifying treat.

Bulk Nutrients vegan supplements are the best option for anyone in Australia looking for a keto or low-carb supplement to complete their diet changes. Not only is it packed with all the protein you need, but also forms an important part of the diet process.

Natural Protein Powders in Australia

Bulk Nutrients only uses healthy natural ingredients in producing our protein supplements. That includes our flavours and sweeteners, meaning no harmful additives are included. We take immense pride in knowing that we can bring every Australian fitness and health enthusiast healthy and affordable protein supplements.

For sweetening, we use sucralose. It is a compound derived from actual sugar (sucrose) but which is not readily absorbed and never broken down for energy in the body. Instead, it is just passed out, which makes it perfect for giving you healthy protein supplements that taste amazing.

If you are looking for a delicious protein supplement to meet your health and taste needs, simply order one from our Bulk Nutrients Choc Honeycomb range and discover a new world of difference.