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MMA Supplements

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a dynamic, full-contact combat sport that combines various disciplines, such as striking, grappling and ground fighting. In their pursuit of success, MMA fighters strive for exceptional strength, endurance and rapid recovery.

The demands of MMA training are immense, requiring fighters to push themselves to the limit to maintain peak performance. MMA fighters often incorporate supplements into their routines to complement their intense training and maximise their potential.

Supplements offer a range of benefits, including optimising muscle development, enhancing power output and supporting efficient recovery and overall well-being.

Find out the best supplements for MMA fighters below.


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Top Supplements for MMA Fighters

Creatine for MMA

Creatine is a widely recognised supplement for athletes seeking to increase strength, power output, and muscle mass.

It can give fighters the explosive energy needed for powerful strikes and grappling manoeuvres.

It can also support muscle growth, development, and power, allowing for greater performance during short bursts of high-intensity activity.

MMA and Whey Protein

Protein is crucial for muscle growth and repair, making it a staple supplement for MMA fighters.

With its fast absorption rate, whey protein delivers a rich source of amino acids to muscles, promoting fast and efficient recovery and supporting muscle development.

It can also reduce muscle breakdown during intense training sessions, ensuring you can bounce back quickly.

BCAAs for MMA Fighters

BCAAs consist of three essential amino acids that support muscle recovery and reduce muscle breakdown.

BCAAs can benefit MMA fighters by decreasing muscle damage, delaying fatigue, and improving overall recovery.

This can be particularly useful during prolonged training sessions or extended fights. 

MMA Fighters Taking Pre Workout

For sustained energy, more focus, and no crash, try our Pre Workout 101.

It combines ingredients that have been shown to improve performance, strength and muscular endurance. Caffeine provides an energy boost, allowing fighters to train with greater intensity. Beta Alanine helps to reduce fatigue and improve endurance, and Citrulline Malate aids in increasing strength and endurance.

It also includes ingredients to assist with focus and concentration to deliver your best MMA performance.

L Glutamine for Fighters

L Glutamine plays a vital role in muscle recovery and reducing muscle soreness. It supports the immune system and promotes gut health, which can be compromised during intense training.

By aiding in muscle repair and reducing inflammation, L Glutamine allows fighters to bounce back quickly from training sessions and maintain their performance.

Multivitamin Blend for MMA

A well-rounded multivitamin blend ensures that fighters receive essential vitamins and minerals for overall health and recovery. It helps bridge nutritional gaps and supports overall health and well-being for optimal performance.

By combining these supplements with intense training, MMA fighters can enhance their strength, endurance and recovery, enabling them to perform at their best in the octagon.

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