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Track and Field Supplements

Track and field athletes often specialise in specific disciplines based on their strengths, preferences, and physical attributes.

While athletes within each category share common traits, there can be variations and specialised events within the discipline that demand specific skills or adaptations.

In addition to training, track and field athletes choose to incorporate supplements into their routines to support their performance and recovery.

Track & field supplements include protein powders, amino acids and vitamins/minerals, among others.


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Supplements for Power Athletes

Sprinters, jumpers (high jumpers, long jumpers, triple jumpers), and throwers (shot put, discus throwers, hammer throwers, javelin throwers) require explosive power to generate maximum force in a short period.

Their training focuses on developing fast-twitch muscle fibres and maximising their ability to generate short bursts of strength and speed. These athletes tend to benefit from pre workout supplements, that can increase explosive power, focus and alertness.

Creatine Monohydrate is a popular choice among power athletes as it helps improve muscle strength and power, allowing sprinters to generate more force during their sprints.

Protein shakes are also an important supplement used by power athletes to recover after a training session as they help replenish energy levels and repair muscle tissue.

Speed Athlete Supplements

Sprinters, hurdlers, and relay runners rely on exceptional speed over short distances. They prioritise developing their acceleration, top-end speed, and ability to maintain velocity throughout a race.

Very similar to power athletes, they typically focus on supplements that help enhance power, explosive strength, and muscle recovery, so pre workout and creatine monohydrate are great choices, along with a protein powder for recovery.

Two additional supplements help speed athletes - Beta Alanine, which can delay muscle fatigue, enabling speed athletes to maintain high-intensity efforts for longer and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which are crucial for muscle recovery, aiding in protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown, thereby allowing for consistent training at top speed.

Endurance Athlete Nutrition

Middle/long-distance runners and steeplechasers require exceptional endurance to maintain a fast pace over extended periods. These athletes focus on developing their cardiovascular fitness, stamina, and ability to sustain a high level of effort throughout a race.

Supplements to support endurance athletes are a steady supply of carbohydrates to fuel their race.

Sports Fuel 101 is a blend of carbohydrates, protein, free form amino acids and electrolytes to assist with energy, hydration, reducing muscle soreness, shortening recovery time and sustaining energy levels throughout the race.

Our Electrolyte supplements can also help replenish electrolytes lost through sweat during long endurance events. Quick Protein Oats are a great way to fuel before training as they contain 20g of protein and 22g of carbohydrates per serve, they are a perfect high protein, moderate carbohydrate with natural goodness.

Strength Athletes Supplements

Throwers (shot put, discus throwers, hammer throwers, javelin throwers) require significant upper body and core strength to generate power and propel their respective implements to greater distances. They engage in strength training exercises to build muscular strength and explosive power.

Like power athletes, strength athletes look to creatine monohydrate and pre workouts to boost short term explosive power. Muscle-building supplements like Muscle Food 101 can also be used to build and recover muscles.

Technique Based Supplements

Athletes in technique-based events such as high jumpers, pole vaulters, long jumpers, triple jumpers, hurdlers, and throwers, place a strong emphasis on technical proficiency.

These athletes work on refining their specific techniques, including approaches, takeoffs, clearance or release techniques, and overall efficiency of movement. For these athletes emphasis here is on joint health and flexibility.

Joint Complex can help provide some extra protection to the joints during hard workouts.

Additionally, BCAAs are still beneficial to these athletes as they rebuild muscle fibres destroyed during exercise.

Post workout protein powders are also great for recovery including HCP which strengthens and supports the musculoskeletal system, especially those participating in sports or activities prone to injury.

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