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Water Polo

Water Polo

Water Polo is an incredibly physically demanding sport that requires a high level of cardiovascular fitness and the ability to repeat high intensity moves with little time for rest and recovery.

Most players will train daily in the pool and 3-4 times a week in the gym, with a focus on HITT while in season and building muscle mass in the off-season. Physique requirements will vary depending on their position on the team, with centre forwards and centre backs typically being heavier and stronger than goal keepers and drivers.

In Australia Water Polo is considered an amateur sport and players are often training in between other commitments such as work or study. This means they must plan ahead to ensure they have the right snacks and supplements - especially pre and post-training.

A balance of high-quality protein such as Whey Protein Isolate, combined with amino acids like BCAA Recovery and carbohydrates like those found in Recuper8 will assist with training and match recovery. Athletes may also like to supplement with NO4X to improve pre-training and pre-game intensity. 

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