How To Get The Best Results Using Future Whey

How To Get The Best Results Using Future Whey

Posted by Ben Crowley on Jul 10, 2017

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You may have heard of Future Whey.  It’s our very exciting free form amino acid based ‘protein’ which we believe is a true world first!

Yep, while companies (Bulk Nutrients included) have been developing and supplying alternative proteins for years using Casein, Soy, Rice and Pea, Future Whey is completely different as it utilises 100% free form amino acids.

What is a ‘free form’ amino acid?

Well, think of individual amino acids such as L Glutamine, L Arginine, Beta Alanine, L Leucine, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) (which are a free form combination of three amino acids) and other amino acids which people may take in isolation, before, during or after training.

The use of free form amino acids has been very popular for some time as it allows people to supplement with higher levels of the pure amino acids that they value, rather than getting 19 or so amino acids together in a protein blend at set ratios.

People tend to take these before, during and after training when they want a specific fat and carbohydrate free boost.

Future Whey is a very unique produc it uses free form (plant based) essential amino acids to make a complete vegan protein source.

How are free form amino acids made?

There are various ways of making free form amino acids, but fermentation is the most common method. Here sugar cane, starches or molasses bean are used as a base compound where the fermentation begins.

The process from here is very complicated, but the result is pharmaceutical quality, extremely pure amino acids. Traditionally, ducks feathers were used in a hydrolyzation process, but those methods are largely outdated now, as they were less reliable and inconsistent with quality.

So, is Future Whey more like BCAAs or protein?

This is a great question, and one that has two answers. In terms of how the ingredients are made, Future Whey is more like BCAAs, as the Future Whey blend contains BCAAs as well as 12 other free form amino acids (15 in total).

However, in terms of it’s final composition, Future Whey is more like a Whey protein or other complete protein source as it consists of a full spectrum of amino acids, including all Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) which support muscle growth, recovery and more.

Unlike whey or casein though, Future Whey does not start off as dairy matter (cheese or milk makes whey and casein proteins), as the amino acids are made individually from the fermentation process.

Finally, Future Whey has been developed as a substitute for whey protein – WPI, WPC, Protein Matrix+ or any other protein blend you may enjoy. Its serving size is very similar to a regular protein shake and the total quantity of amino acids derived from a serve is equal to or higher than a protein shake.

Future Whey blends all 15 amino acids including the 3 aminos in BCAA. A 25g dose of Future Whey contains more BCAA's than a 30g of WPI, with 12g of EAAs and 6g of Glutamine.

If Future Whey is free form amino acids, would it be great intra training too?

Absolutely! And that’s where Future Whey really shines.

As Future Whey contains 100% free form amino acids, it has great versatility. The composition of Future Whey is very impressive in this regard too.

As an intra training product a 25g serve provides 5.5 grams of L Glutamine, 6.7 grams of BCAAs and 12 grams of EAAs. Your protein intake throughout the day and the immediacy of a protein shake post training will determine what serve of Future Whey you should have during training.

If you go to the gym on an empty stomach, then by all means have a full serve of Future Whey as you train. If you are well fed, then you may decide to have a half serve (12.5g) instead, simply to replace a normal intra training BCAA or EAA drink.

Over 90% protein per serve, zero carbs, and completely fat free, Future Whey is incredibly pure for those fastidious about macros.

So, do I need BCAAs and Glutamine too?

This is entirely up to you. BCAAs are great for sustaining energy levels while training and a decent serve helps reduce muscle soreness. There are a few theories as to why this phenomenon happens. It’s likely due to absorption speed, which is very rapid in free form amino acids and the total dose of BCAAs which contributes to reducing soreness.

Either a half or full serve of Future Whey during training should have very similar benefits and will provide all the BCAAs you require. As a benefit, you also get plenty of L Glutamine. So if you usually consume that intra training, it’s one more product you don’t need to buy and consume when supplementing with Future Whey.

So, how should I fit Future Whey in with my supplement stack?

As you can see there many options, but here are some straightforward examples.

  1. Here a full serve of Future Whey is used to replace whey or plant-based protein immediately post training, but you still use BCAAs and other amino acids during training. This is a great option if you’d prefer to stick to old habits and not entirely reinvent the wheel.
  2. Future Whey is used intra training (either a half or full serve) and you use whey or plant-based protein after training. Here, you may like the idea of a normal milky protein shake directly after training.
  3. Future Whey replaces all supplements used during and after training. Here, you would take half a serve during training, with another serve directly after as your post training shake replacing whey or plant-based protein. This option is great if you love the convenience of one product, and want all the benefits of Future Whey’s free form amino acids.

It can be used in place of BCAAs and EAAs during or after training, or even as a protein source in place of whey any time of the day.

Given Future Whey’s versatility, when is it not suitable for use?

For every positive, there is a negative and there are some situations that Future Whey is not the best choice of protein. This is limited to times when you want prolonged absorption and will vary from person to person.

If you are a three meals a day type of person and have large gaps between breakfast and lunch, then Future Whey in the morning would not be ideal due to its rapid absorption. You can get around this by consuming it alongside more slowly absorbed foods like cheese or yogurt. If you are someone that snacks well before lunch then Future Whey in the morning would be fine.

The other time Future Whey is not ideal is directly before bed, when the best choice is a slow release protein source. Here Micellar Casein are best as they sustain the body for much longer periods.

Now avaliable in Berry Flavour!

Future Whey now comes in three light and refreshing flavours; Cola, Lemonade, and the newly released Berry!

Further reading on Future Whey

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