Bodybuilding is a sport where participants focus all their attention on increasing their muscle size (hypertrophy). This is done with a combination of compound and isolated resistance movements.

While bodybuilders are usually very strong, their training differs slightly to powerlifters and strength athletes, as strength is often a by-product of their training. Bodybuilders generally have a high workload, using moderate to heavy weights, with minimal breaks between sets.

Bodybuilding training also consists of cutting seasons where participants prepare for competition. While training volume doesn’t vary much, bodybuilders usually restrict their diet and introduce an aerobic component to reduce body fat as much as possible.

Bulk Ambassador, Sam Grachan, is a keen body builder who competes as a Muscle Model in the WBFF. In 2016, Sam received first place in muscle model category and was awarded his WBFF Pro Card, making him a top tier athlete.

To keep his physique in check he has several must have supps in his regime. WPI and Future Whey are ideal proteins for lean muscle growth, Carb+ fuels gruelling workouts and replenishes glycogen stores, Creatine Monohydrate can give muscle size and strength, Laxogenin to support protein sythesis and overall muscle building, while Pre Workout 101 can boost training intensity and improve focus.

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