Personal Trainers

As personal trainers usually work with a large variety of people, it is too complex to recommend specific supplements for every person they train with.

Generally speaking though, the role of personal trainers is to structure diets, supplement and training programs for those who want the extra skills and motivation which a trainer can provide.

Bulk Ambassador Alicia Gowans is a world champion WBFF Pro and personal trainer managing hundreds of athletes through her business Ally’s Angels and Alphas. When working with a client, Alicia recommends supplements to suit individual goals and needs.

For clients who want to lose weight and achieve better body composition, Alicia recommends our weight loss protein – Thermowhey, with at least one ancillary product such as AM/PM Burner, Burner Combination or Acetyl Carnitine.

For those clients who want to focus on muscle gains, Alicia would recommend a protein such as Protein Matrix+ to support the growth of lean muscle, Creatine Monohydrate for improved mass mass and strength gains.

Generally, a high quality protein along with BCAAs are great additions to any new fitness program as they support muscle growth and boost recovery. Some people also  find a Pre Workout useful for getting the motivation to train and train hard.

Recommended products for Personal Trainer:

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