10 Vegan Recipe Ideas

10 Vegan Recipe Ideas

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Aug 20, 2019

Here at Bulk Nutrients, we are big supporters of the vegan diet. Many of us in the factory follow a vegan diet and we have many plant-based products designed to suit their dietary needs.

If you're after more information on our vegan products or tips, you might find this blog helpful.

Otherwise, let us move on to one of our favourite things... Food!

So here they are... Our top 10 favourite vegan recipes.

Nutty Chocolate Ganache Protein Slice

This recipe is a must try for any sweet lovers.

Featuring a gooey base and rich, crunchy top, it's hard to get enough of this high protein treat.

Click here to try it now.

Spiced Hummus and Avocado Dips

Here's a savoury snack you're sure to love!

Our Spiced Hummus and Avocado Dips are perfect for any platter arrangement.

Our tip: Team them with crackers, bread and veggie sticks.

Click here to try them now.

Raw Turkish Delight Slice

Love traditional Turkish Delight, but not all of the calories that come with it?

Our cleaner, vegan version is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more!

Click here to try it now.

Bounty Smoothie Bowl

We love a creamy smoothie bowl for breakfast! 

This Bounty Smoothie Bowl is loaded with protein and healthy fats to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Top it with your choice of fruit, nuts and our favourite peanut butter for a delicious breakfast treat!

Click here to try it now.

Peanut Butter and Date Cookies

Love peanut butter? Love dates? Then you'll love these quick and easy cookies.

They combine creamy peanut butter with sweet dates and protein powder to give you a boost in energy.

Click here to try them now.

Red Superfood Berry Bowl

Trying to boost your antioxidant intake? This recipe is sure to help!

Combining our red superfood powder with fruit and coconut yogurt, this recipe not only looks great, but it tastes great too!

Click here to try it now.

High Fibre Protein Bars

Need a healthy snack to pack for your morning or afternoon tea?

These quick and easy bars make the perfect solution.

They're high in protein, fibre, healthy fats and taste amazing.

Click here to try them now.

High Protein Choc Banana Tarts

Say hello to your new favourite snack!

These High Protein Choc Banana Tarts not only looks great, but they taste delicious and are cleaner than your average dessert.

Click here to try them now.

Choc Berry Ice Cream

How have we made a vegan ice cream taste so smooth and creamy?

That's what you'll be asking us after you've tried this delicious Choc Berry Ice Cream recipe!

It's loaded with the goodness of banana, berries and natural pea and rice protein.

Click here to try it now.

Zesty Lemon Slice

Last, but definitely not least is our delcious Zesty Lemon Slice!

This raw treat is sweet, zesty and sure to impress anyone who tries it.

Click here to try it now.

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