What's New on the Bulk Nutrients Website?

What's New on the Bulk Nutrients Website?

Posted by Brodie West on Jun 10, 2015 in #Feature Articles.

Since we have launched our new website, we have had many people offer their opinions. Most Bulk Nutrients customers have been very positive, but some have certainly made their resistance to change heard. So, we thought we should go through some of the newest features, and highlight a few of the changes we have made to make your Bulk Nutrients shopping experience easier.

So what has actually changed, and how is this an improvement?

Colour, Design and Layout

One of the most obvious changes is the complete overhaul in design. We wanted our advertising, social media images, packaging, blog and website to have some synergy across the board, and this is what we came up with. Our previous home page was not so flash, and had become a little dated – it now has links to important information via our blog, featured products, events and links to free sample requests. We have also made it much easier for you to input your email to subscribe to our monthly newsletter so you can never miss out on our latest news, product releases and competition winners.

Contact Information

On our previous website, finding our contact information was a bit of a mission! If you have noticed, our contact information has been moved to the top of the homepage,  so if you are having any issues at all with your order or simply have some questions, you can contact us right away.

Account Login is easier

Logging in our our previous website was a little confusing and many customers found it easier to log in directly through an email link or upon checkout. Account login is now located right at the top of the mobile and desktop sites so you can view your order history, and reorder your supplements much faster.

Product Search

Another layout decision that we have made is to make our product search bar front and centre – this allows you to find what you want much faster.

Shop by Sport

Do you play a sport or participate in competitions? We have selected the best products in our range to help you with strength and recovery to maximise performance.

Shop by Goal

With over over 170 products in our range, we know that finding the right product can be a little overwhelming. Whether you are looking to maximise muscle gains, lose weight, or simply looking to increase your nutrient intake – we have taken out the guess work and selected the best products in our range to help you achieve your goals faster.

Product Selection

This is probably the biggest change that we have made. On our previous website you had to type in exactly what you wanted (For example, 5kgs of WPC) to avoid having several pages of different size and flavour options of the same product. Now, you simply need to type in the product name (Eg – WPC) and once selected you can choose any size, or flavour that you desire all in one place. Another benefit of having all this information on one page is that you can easily compare the bulk rate prices (Eg 5kgs of WPC for $99 as opposed to 5 x 1kg bags of WPC at $27 each) to ensure that our customers are getting the best value for their supplements possible.

Product of the Month Promotion

Everyone loves a freebie, but sometimes our POTM is not exactly what someone wants. Who needs a product that they aren’t going to use? Well, you can now opt out of receiving our latest POTM if you prefer (But we encourage you to continue to enjoy your complimentary gift – it is on the house after all!)

 Live Chat

Unsure what the difference between WPI and WPC is? Can’t decide if you want Test Max or T-Booster capsules? Then our live chat is for you. This brand new function allows for quick questions, answers and advice on products. It is also handy for those who have experienced a system error when trying to make an order, of if you just can’t find the item you are looking for.Our responses have so far been quick and accurate and we’re available from 9-5 Monday to Friday. Another added bonus? This saves a phone call (Which we know can be inconvenient if busy, in a loud space, or at work) and also helps you avoid the wait for an email response.


Previously, our blog was a stand alone site that wasn’t linked to our website in any way. Now, you can find a link to our blog right up at the top of the page. If you are reading this right now, then welcome to the new blog we hope you like what you see. While the blog is still new and limited with content, it will become an exciting new reference point for your supplement information, research and development, ambassador & sponsored team updates and more!


Sick of your boring old protein shake? Well, the awesome Bulk Nutrients sponsored athlete Nicole Frain from Clean Treats just loves adding in the goodness of our protein powders, and other supplements into her treats and recipes. This great addition to our blog will help you with how you can use protein in your cooking and encourage more clean eating and creative thinking!


Hanging out till pay day for your next order? No problems at all. Our new wishlist feature located near our add to cart function allows you to save what products you wish to purchase in your next order.


We now have an event listing page. Here you can find out if we are going to be attending or sponsoring an event near you! Bulk Nutrients proudly supports and attends over 100 events around the country, so be sure to take note of when we are in a town near you . We always come prepared with plenty of samples for you to try – so it’s definitely worth popping by to say hello!

Product review system

One other feature is the ability for customers to provide feedback through our Product review system – 14 days after an order, you’re given the opportunity to share your thoughts on the products you ordered. We love customer feedback as it assists us to constantly improve to satisfy our customers needs and wants – so we do encourage you to take the time to fill these reviews out when you can.

Mobile Site

How annoying is it when you get onto your mobile phone to checkout a website and it isn’t mobile optimized? Your online shopping experience should be user friendly, and with increasing amounts of customers purchasing from their mobile and tablet devices these days, we thought it was important to really step up our mobile site capabilities. We believe this new offering provides a great user experience, all the same information, abilities and accessibility that the desktop site can offer, and allows customers to make a purchase no matter where they are. Perfect for the train ride home, or if you just can’t be bothered getting out of bed.

So that’s it! Lots of these great new additions and improvements have been made to make your shopping experience much easier. If you have any further questions, or feedback – feel free to make a comment below or contact our customer service team on sales@bulknutrients.com.au and we would be more than happy to assist.

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