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Bulk Nutrients 2023 News

December 2023 News

TGA Changes Update

30th December 2023

As part of our compliance with the new TGA regulations, our RALA Capsules have sold out and have been discontinued from our range.

We would suggest Resveratrol as a potential replacement to consider.

All of our listed medicines are available here.

You Emptied Our Stockings!

17th December 2023

Our Give the Gift of Gains products are all sold out for this year - thank you!

All of us here at Bulk Nutrients hope everyone who managed to grab a bag enjoy the limited edition delights!

If you missed out, don't stress! Our Research & Development team have made their list and are checking it twice, brainstorming some new festive flavours for 2024! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ

Vanilla Cinnamon Muscle Food! πŸͺ

3rd December 2023

Are you working towards bulking up, and a fan of a certain tasty biscuit? πŸ‘€

Our new limited edition Muscle Food 101 flavour, Vanilla Cinnamon, might be for you!

With 23 grams of protein per serve and added MCTs for muscle development... check it out before it sells out! 😍

Updated: 22nd January 2024 - The last bags have been sold.

Christmas is Calling! πŸŽ…

30th November 2023

To give the Gift of Gains this Christmas we’ve released four, fun and festive flavours for you to enjoy in the lead up to the holidays!

In need of some new whey? Try WPC Hokey Pokey! Prefer plant-based? Future Whey Apple & Blackcurrant could be for you!

Or for a tasty summer treat, our Pre Workout 101 comes in Raspberry Sour Worms and PM+ in Raspberry Crumble!

Only one batch of each has been made – so get in quick! πŸŽ„πŸŽ

Updated: 27th December 2024 - The last bags have been sold.

November 2023 News

Our first two Listed products are live πŸ™Œ

25th November 2023

With the upcoming TGA Legislation changes, our capsule line up is getting a refresh.

The first two products on sale as Listed Medicines registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, with fresh new packaging are Valerian Sleep Support and Ashwagandha Capsules.

Check them out to see if they're right for you!

Fuel Your Core!🍏

19th November 2023

Packed with everything you need to replace a single meal, Total Meal Replacement is now available in limited edition Apple Cinnamon!

Ideal for proper nutrition on the go!πŸπŸ€—

Doughnut Miss This!🍩

12nd November 2023

Introducing our mouth-watering, limited edition Cinnamon Doughnut flavour in Protein Matrix+.

Treat your tastebuds and add a bag to your next order!

Updated: 20th January 2024 - The last bags have been sold.

Fuelling Performance at Baskerville! 🏎️

12nd November 2023

In case you missed it, Bulk Nutrients has just signed a deal to be the naming sponsor of Baskerville Raceway in Southern Tasmania!

It's a partnership developed out of passion - with Motorsports Tasmania and Bulk Nutrients both passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of everyone in the sport - from the up and coming racers, to the enthusiasts watching every weekend!


Hiring a Junior Procurement & Inventory Officer

9th November 2023

We're hiring again here at Bulk Nutrients, with a Junior Procurement & Inventory Officer on the menu this time round.

If you're keen to join our fantastic (and literally award-winning) team, check out our careers page and apply as soon as possible!

Bulk named an Employer of Choice πŸ†

8th November 2023

Well, this is exciting... Bulk Nutrients has been named an Employer of Choice by Business Tasmania.

We're extremely proud of all our staff who contribute to the positive culture, as it flows right the way through to quality supps arriving at your door.

Next time you have a shaker of protein, raise it in the air to celebrate πŸ₯³

October 2023 News

Bulk Nutrients celebrates its 15th BirthdayπŸŽ‚

25th October 2023

Today is a momentous occasion as Bulk celebrates its 15th Birthday! πŸ₯³

To make this day even more special, we've got two exciting promotions:

  1. The first 1,000 orders placed today will receive a free sample of WPC Double Choc Caramel πŸŽ‰
  2. We're also giving away 15 x $100 Golden Tickets! Just place an order today and you might receive $100 of store credit in your package. 🎫

Get your order in quickly and help us celebrate our birthday! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join us in marking this special day and Happy 15th Birthday to Bulk Nutrients!" πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

Shakers are back in stock

7th October 2023

We're very happy to let you know our Transparent Shakers and Mini Shakers are now back in stock and ready for dispatch, hooray! 🀝

Price Drop Alert✨

4th October 2023

At our core, Bulk Nutrients is all about keeping prices affordable to help empower all Australians on their health and fitness journeys.

That's why with raw goods becoming more affordable after the covid highs, we're delighted to announce we're passing on the savings on the following products...

Enjoy the extra savings on your next purchase!

Join our October long party! πŸ₯³

1st October 2023

And to celebrate our 15th birthday, we've released a decadent Double Choc Caramel flavoured WPC.

Get in quick though this one's delicious and very limited 🀀

September 2023 News

Some shakers are out of stock 😲

22nd September 2023

I know right?! One thing you can normally count on at Bulk Nutrients is all our products being in stock.

Unfortunately, our Transparent Shakers and Mini Shakers are both out of stock at the moment.

We expect more stock to arrive in early October, and until then we recommend splashing out for a ritzy Stainless Steel Shaker.

5/10/2023 edit: They're back in stock! πŸ₯³

L-Carnitine Tartrate is back by popular demand

21st September 2023

In the last few months we've had an increase in customers requesting L-Carnitine Tartrate be sold as a raw powder again, so a fresh batch is in stock and ready for dispatch 😎

While it doesn't taste pleasant, L-Carnitine Tartrate is great for assisting with weight loss and can help reduce muscle damage.

Farewell Tutti Frutti

12nd September 2023

Our limited edition flavour Tutti Frutti has had a good run in BCAA Recovery and Pre Workout 101, but it's time for it to move on so fresh Summer flavours can take its place.

We've made the difficult decision to retire Tutti Frutti flavour in BCAA Recovery/Pre Workout 101 and current stock is expected to run out towards the end of 2023.

Updated: 7th December 2023 - The last bags have been sold.

Learn how new TGA Legislation might effect you

4th September 2023

Ryan Bevan our Head of Operations - TGA takes you through the changes set to arrive on 30th November 2023.

The changes will mean some products will be discontinued, some will change slightly and others will be introduced.

Get the scoop.

Lemon Meringue Pie Matrix+

4th September 2023

We've got great news... our crazily popular Protein Matrix+ Lemon Meringue Pie is here to stay for a little longer!

Grab a bag while you can πŸ‹πŸ₯§

Inositol 250g Powder now available!

1st September 2023

Inositol is naturally occurring in a variety of foods such as fruits, grains, nuts and beans.

It's a carbohydrate, but unlike sugars, has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity.

$29.00 a bag or $27.00 when you purchase four or more.

August 2023 News

Suggest a Flavour!

16th August 2023

We want to hear what flavour you think would be amazing in our flavoured products!

To let us know, simply click through to your favourite product (like Protein Matrix+, Thermowhey or Muscle Food 101) then press the 'Suggest a Flavour' link above the add to cart button.

We're passing on suggestions to our R&D Team who'll read them all and try the most popular! πŸ₯°

Zip Pay removed from the Bulk checkout

15th August 2023

We love keeping everything we do efficient here at Bulk, so we recently assessed the overheads associated with our payment options.

The result? We're unfortunately dropping Zip Pay from our checkout payment options.

Fear not though pay-in-four lovers, we still have Afterpay and PayPal Pay in 4 available πŸ₯³

Lemon Meringue Pie PM+ πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

1st August 2023

Well, this is obscenely exciting... Protein Matrix+ has a brand new Lemon Meringue Pie flavour πŸ₯°

It's a limited edition flavour, so grab it while you can βœ…

July 2023 News

Apple Pay live on the checkout

30th July 2023

This is another one of those, ask and you shall receive moments.

We recently had a significant number of customers asking to pay for their supplements with Apple Pay, so we've implemented it on the checkout.

We hope our 🍏 customers enjoy their new-found convenience!

We've expanded our Shop by Sport!

27th July 2023

Exciting news! We've expanded our Shop by Sport page with three more awesome categories!

Now you can find everything you need for Track and Field, Running, and Walking.

Whether you're a sprinter, jogger, thrower... or just love a good stroll, we've got the perfect products for you.

Check them out and discover our top recommendations.

Grab a free Mini Shaker with KidActiv

23rd July 2023

We're giving away a free KidActiv Mini Shaker with every order containing KidActiv.

Just add a bag of Vanilla Sundae or Choccy Milk to your order to claim it.

Update: 14th March 2024 - This offer has now ended.

Quick Protein Ball Mix Discontinued

19th July 2023

As we're constantly striving to be more efficient and pass great prices onto you, we've made the difficult decision to sell our last bag of Quick Protein Ball Mix.

Craving a sweet dessert? Check out our Quick Protein Pancakes!

Blue Stainless Steel Shakers... back in stock!

19th July 2023

Love an excellent stainless steel shaker but black is too bland for you? Grab one of our recently back-in-stock blue shakers!

New Referral Program Launched

5th July 2023

Psst, we've just quietly released our new Bulk Nutrients Referral Program.

Right now it's opt-in, so you'll need to log into your Bulk Nutrients account and then head to the dedicated Referral Page in your account section.

From there, just follow the instructions, refer some friends and you'll be earning store credit before you know πŸ‘

Win a year of supps!

4th July 2023

Have you been purchasing from Bulk Nutrients for yeaaars?

Great! Cause we're looking for Bulk's most loyal customer to win a year's supply of supplements πŸ₯³

Find out more on our competition entry page.

AFL Nutrition, we've got you covered

4th July 2023

We recently published our Ultimate Guide to AFL Nutrition blog post which is a juggernaut of information.

If you're a weekend warrior, right the way through to a competitive AFL player, you're bound to get something out of it.

Muscle Food 101 Choc Coconut discontinued

4th July 2023

Sadly Choc Coconut has ended its run in Muscle Food 101 with our last bags selling yesterday.

Be sure to let us know if it was your absolute favourite. If enough customers get in touch we might just be able to bring it back.

June 2023 News

WPC Peppermint Discontinued

14th June 2023

WPC gets a flavour shuffle today - we're having to let peppermint go to make room for an amazing new flavour.

Was it your favourite and do you need it back? Let us know!

L-Theanine Powder now available!

4th June 2023

Freshly made, in stock and ready for dispatch... we're now selling L-Theanine Powder πŸ‘

100 grams is now available for $22 or $20 when purchasing four or more.

Two Bulk Supported A-League Teams in the Grand Final πŸ‘

2nd June 2023

Well would you look at that, the two teams which Bulk Nutrients provides nutritional supplements for have both reached the A-League Grand Final.

Best of luck to Melbourne City FC and Central Coast Mariners FC! ⚽

May 2023 News

Fava Bean Discontinued

17th May 2023

Our Fava Bean protein, which we know many of you have come to know and enjoy, is taking a little breather from our product lineup while we assess its viability in the future.

We suggest checking out Earth Protein as a great alternative.

Miss it already? Let us know.

Go (coco)nuts for Choc Coconut PM+

3rd May 2023

Available for a limited time only, we've just released Choc Coconut flavour in our popular Protein Matrix+ product.

In stock now, grab a bag while last it lasts 🍫πŸ₯₯

April 2023 News

Bulk's Ultimate Guide to CrossFit

23rd April 2023

Sure, it's got a bit of a stigma associated with it... but how does CrossFit stack up to the alternatives? Plus if you do choose CrossFit as a form of training, what should you expect?

We cover those and (waaaaay) more in our Ultimate Guide to CrossFit.

Choc Ice Cream flavour now available in WPI

6th April 2023

We're pleased to announce that our Whey Protein Isolate is now available in Choc Ice Cream Flavour!

Introducing Bark Nutrients' Canine Creatine 🐢

31st March 2023

We know how much humans love Bulk Nutrients products, so thought it high time we developed a range for our canine friends. Check it out today!

Edit: As many of you noticed, this was our April Fools Day prank for 2023 πŸ₯³

Thermowhey Choc Ice Cream flavour

31st March 2023

Check out our new limited edition Thermowhey in Choc Ice Cream flavour!

This dreamy, chocolatey treat is available only for a limited time.

Have you found Bulk on TikTok yet?

31st March 2023

Cause we're posting fresh content all the time at @bulk.nutrients 🀳

March 2023 News

Delivery times update

29th March 2023

We've freshly updated the delivery times on our Shipping FAQ page based on the latest advice from Australia Post.

The good news? Delivery to all capital cities is getting faster, especially compared to the slowdowns in the last few years πŸ‘

The better news? When you order under 3.5kg with Bulk, your order always goes express!

Protein Hot Recipe Update

28th March 2023

We've recently refined the recipe for Protein Hot πŸ₯³

Available in multi packs and bulk packs, the new creamier formula will start shipping today.

Bulk proudly celebrates Harmony Week

19th March 2023

Here at Bulk Nutrients, we know we're ultimately the sum of all the people who work hard to bring you high-quality supplements every day.

Keen to learn more about us? Learn why we truly embrace our multicultural workforce.

Lou Calvert joins the ambassador team

12nd March 2023

It's our pleasure to announce that Functional Trainer Lou Calvert is now a Bulk Nutrients ambassador πŸ₯³

With her focus on fitness and determination to improve, we're excited for the inspiring journey ahead.

Be sure to follow her training routine and progress on her Instagram.

Apple & Blackcurrant joins BCAA Recovery

4th March 2023

BCAA Recovery gets a new, limited edition flavour... Apple & Blackcurrant!

In stock now for all customers, grab a bag while stocks last.

Limited Edition Bubblegum Pre Workout 101

28th February 2023

Check out our new Bubblegum flavour in Pre Workout 101!

Grab a bag today to turn your pre workout experience into a flavour-filled experience πŸ₯°

Central Coast Mariners sign on with Bulk

28th February 2023

A League team the Central Coast Mariners have signed on with Bulk Nutrients as their nutrition partner.

We're crazy excited to see how far they'll go backed by Bulk supplements!

February 2023 News

Rhys Budd joins Team Bulk

26th February 2023

Rev your two-stroke dirtbikes to welcome Rhys Budd who's come on as Bulk Nutrients ambassador.

He's an up-and-coming motocross rider, so be sure to check out his Instagram and profile page to follow along his journey.

Welcome aboard, Rhys!

Earth Protein Strawberry now available πŸ“

13rd February 2023

Check out our new Strawberry flavour in Earth Protein!

This fruity delight is all set to infuse a burst of freshness in your plant-based staple🀀

Lamington Total Meal Replacement πŸ₯°

10th February 2023

Indulge in the all-new, limited edition flavour at our Bulk Nutrients... Lamington Total Meal Replacement!

A nutritious, delightful twist on your fitness journey, available for a limited time only.

Just a lil' bit of state pride πŸœπŸ€

8th February 2023

The keen-eyed observers will have noticed we've turned the Bulk Nutrients site green... cause the JackJumpers have reached the NBL Finals series.

That's twice in two years and we're rather ecstatic for them!

Welcome bodybuilding Bulk ambassador Em!

2nd February 2023

Join us in welcoming Em Westgarth to the Bulk ambassador lineup!

We couldn't be more thrilled to have her join our lineup of Bulk Ambassadors.

Check out her Instagram and full profile page for an inside look at her regimen and achievements.

Reordering at Bulk just got easier

1st February 2023

Our Web team have been hard at work, and their latest feature release allows you to reorder products more easily.

To do so, just head to My Account > Order History, select the order and press Add to Cart on your chosen product πŸ₯°

Could'nt be any more simple!

Bulk Nutrients launches Dark Mode πŸŒƒ

31st January 2023

For those who prefer browsing the internet with less light in their faces, we've just launched a new Dark Mode for our website πŸ₯³

The website will now autodetect your device settings or the feature can be toggled at the top of each page.

January 2023 News

Welcome Ed Roberts!

29th January 2023

Welcome to the Bulk fam to Ed Roberts πŸ’ͺ

He's a Personal Trainer and Gym Owner and we're stoked to have him on board.

Check out his Instagram and complete profile page.

Earth Meal Discontinued

29th January 2023

We take removing products from our lineup rather seriously as we know no matter how small the following of a product, removing it will always impact someone.

So it's with sadness we're announcing the end of Earth Meal.

We're still selling its popular sister product Earth Protein, but unfortunately, Earth Meal didn't gain the following we hoped it might've.

Farewell Earth Meal!

Lion's Mane Capsules now on sale

22nd January 2023

We're staggeringly pleased to welcome Lion's Mane Capsules to our lineup of capsulated goods.

Grab a tub for $40 in your next order.

NMN Capsules available now

19th January 2023

You asked for them and we listened... by popular demand, NMN Capsules are now on sale at Bulk Nutrients.

Grab a bottle of 120 capsules in your next order.

Nation wide shipping delays

31st December 2022

Australia Post is currently experiencing nationwide delays on express and regular post due to recent weather events.

We suggest ordering a week or so before you normally would to ensure your supps get to you before running out.

Pre Workout 101 Pineapple πŸ₯°πŸ

31st December 2022

Available from today, Pre Workout 101 in a refreshing pineapple flavour is sure to hit the spot.

Limited edition as always, so grab a bag while stock lasts.

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