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Buyers guide to the best low carb supplements

Low carbohydrate diets are a popular option for those trying to lose weight, whether for health and general wellbeing or for athletes competing in bodybuilding or modelling shows.

Many people restrict their carbohydrate intake or save their carbs for training to stay on track for desired body composition goals.

Eating for performance is a favourite as it saves your carbs for when you need them most… training time!

So, without further delay here’s our most recommended low carb supplements…

Low carb proteins

  • Future Whey contains zero fats and carbohydrates and is very easy on the digestive system featuring refreshing flavours such as cola and lemonade.
  • Protein Matrix+ combines high quality dairy proteins with a lactase enzyme to ease digestive discomfort and aid in easy digestion.
  • Whey Protein Isolate is extremely pure at over 90% protein with minimal carbs and fats.
  • Natural Whey Protein Isolate offers a naturally flavoured alternative containing pure protein with very few carbs and fats.
  • HCP is a hydrolysed collagen protein-packed with protein without fats and carbs.

Low carb pre and intra supplements

  • Pre Workout 101 is a tasty pre-workout drink that delivers sustained energy with no crash.
  • BCAA Recovery is best consumed during training to increase muscular endurance and prevent muscle breakdown (catabolism).
  • Electrolyte Blend helps replenish salts and minerals lost during intense exercise without the carbs of supermarket electrolyte drinks.

Health and wellbeing on a low carb diet

  • Green Fusion is a natural greens superfood blend designed to support immunity and vitality. It’s a multivitamin worth supplementing with at only 0.5g of carbs per serve!
  • Red Fusion is a pure red super food blend that will boost your energy with only 4g of carbs per serve.

Tips for staying motivated on a low carb diet

Staying on track with your low carb diet can be hard, so we’ve come up with a few handy pro tips to keep in your arsenal whenever your motivations dips…

  • Create a list of all your favourite low carb recipes, this will create a great go-to when you don’t know what to cook and are feeling hangry.
  • Keep handy a list (and supply!) of low carb snacks. Make sure you list favourites and new ones you’d like to try.

If you get desperate, Bulk Nutrients’ offers some great alternatives for when it comes to desserts and treats. Here’s two of our favourites…

  • Hot chocolate? No problem… Protein Hot has got your night time treat covered.
  • How about a sweet dessert? …boom, Protein Mousse in a delicious alternative to high calorie desserts.

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