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Supplement Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your protein and other supplements from?

Quite literally, we source supplements world wide! As we use a massive amount of raw ingredients, it is important we source these globally.

The origin of each ingredient depends on where we can source the highest quality raw ingredients for the best value. For example, most dairy proteins tend to come from Australia, New Zealand and the US while amino acids and extracts coming from Asia.

Here at Bulk Nutrients, we pride ourselves on the quality of our sourcing, with all suppliers being put through a rigorous process which includes ongoing documentation and testing. These tests are conducted by Australian laboratories as well as using our onsite analytical equipment.

Are Bulk Nutrients supplements natural?

At Bulk Nutrients we're dedicated to offering a range of supplements that contain real and effective ingredients, this includes a completely natural range! All the products in this range contain only natural ingredients, flavours and sweeteners.

You can choose from natural protein powders such as Earth Protein, WPI and Hemp Protein as well as health and vitality products such as Red / Green Fusion and natural extracts including Maca Powder and Spirulina. When you browse and shop the Bulk Nutrients Natural Range, you can be confident you're getting the highest quality natural supplements.

How do I get a free Bulk Nutrients sample?

You can request a free sample of one of our products by submitting a request here. We offer free samples of our most popular products such as protein powders, intra workout formulas and amino acids so you can try before you buy.

Plus whenever you order you can add a free sample of our product of the month to your order too!

All you need to do is head to your shopping cart page and click on 'Add a free sample to your cart' at the top.

Can I buy your product from my local supplement store?

Unfortunately we don't sell through any bricks and mortar supplement stores, preferring to sell only online as it helps us keep overheads (and prices!) low.

The easiest way to stock up on your favourite Bulk Nutrients products is via our website. That said, some Bulk Nutrients products are available to purchase in selected Anytime Fitness Gyms across the country.

If it's speed you're worried about, place your order before 3pm and enjoy same day shipping! Oh and if you keep your order under 3.5kg we'll ship it Express which is next day to most suburbs Australia wide.

Are you Australian owned and operated?

Very proudly so! We're 100% Aussie owned and operated and always will be.

Our factory is located in southern Tasmania and all of our products are developed, blended and packaged in house by us.

Should I take supplements while breastfeeding / pregnant?

This is something you should speak to your doctor about, however there is nothing inherently unsafe about supplement use while pregnant.

You will notice each of our products contains a mandatory warning against use of supplements while breastfeeding / pregnant which is officiated by FSANZ (the Australian food regulators).

Your medical professional is your best advice here, some people specifically take supplements to improve their health while pregnant, but we are not experts in this field, so prefer not to give specific advice to people.

What is the taste and texture of protein like?

Each type of Bulk Nutrients protein is slightly different. In general all whey proteins are rich and creamy (much like a milkshake!), whereas Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides (HCP) has a watery consistency with no creaminess.

Plant based proteins such as Earth, Pea Isolate and Rice Isolate have a thicker consistency and earthy taste and amino acid based proteins such as our Future Whey have a watery consistency and are light and crisp to taste.

How do I get a coupon code/discount?

At Bulk Nutrients we pride ourselves on offering low prices on quality supplements every day of the year. But since we love our customers so much, we want to reward you for shopping with us!

You can enjoy discounts and free shipping offers by joining our rewards program. Simply register an account and you'll start earning points and learn how you can be rewarded for every dollar you spend on supps.

What are the most popular gym supplements post workout?

The most popular post workout supplement of all time is protein powder.

After exercise (especially weight training) your body is craving protein to help your muscles repair and grow back stronger than before. The most popular protein powder is whey as it's creamy, good tasting and effective. Plant based proteins such as Earth Protein or non dairy proteins such as Future Whey are a great choice too.

Other great post workout supplements include a quickly absorbed carbohydrate source to restore depleted glycogen stores (such as Carb+) and Creatine Monohydrate to support muscle and strength gains. These can be added in with your protein powder for a mega post workout shake!

Bulk Nutrients is Australia’s first choice for protein powder & nutritional supplements

Quality gym supplements are in our DNA

Here at Bulk HQ we’re an Aussie owned and operated supplement company, dedicated to developing, blending, packaging and supplying pure, quality sports supplements to fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

Bulk Nutrients started in 2008 with the sole aim to provide consumers with an Australian alternative for high quality sports nutrition that was also affordable. To do this, Bulk Nutrients Founder Ben Crowley set up in the eCommerce space so customers could buy direct from the manufacturer - this meant customers were in for big savings!

Today Bulk Nutrients is one of the most loved sports nutrition brands in the country with a strong reputation for purity, affordability and effectiveness.

Ben Crowley lying on tubs of products
Bulk Nutrients staff photo

Producing quality supplements with Tasmanian roots

Ever wanted to know where your protein comes from? Well, we’re based in pristine southern Tasmania. The Bulk Nutrients factory sits in the ever-green Huon Valley, in a repurposed apple cool shed.

The Bulk HQ factory houses an impressive crew of 60 full time staff including a production team, a (super speedy) dispatch team, a knowledgeable customer service team, a R&D team and more!

At Bulk Nutrients we love being Tasmanian and offering meaningful employment to the local community. We don’t outsource overseas, strongly preferring to do everything ourselves right here in Tassie!

A strong focus on community

One of the most rewarding things we get to do is give back to the community. Here at Bulk Nutrients we believe in supporting the wider health and fitness community, as we are part of it ourselves!

Did you know that we support over 100 events each year? These include local charity fundraising events such as the Matthew Millhouse Salute and international initiatives like Global Village Housing.

We also love to support the events you compete in! You’ll find us at bodybuilding shows and endurance and strength events around Australia including huge events like City to Surf and Run Melbourne.

Find out more about the ways Bulk gives back to the community.

Hobart United FC team photo
Bulk Nutrients HQ in Grove

Buy quality supplements online and join Team Bulk!

So why should you choose Bulk Nutrients for your protein powder and sports supplement needs?

You’ll not only get the best bang for buck by shopping with us, but you’ll also receive pure, effective products that support you on your health and fitness journey.

Our mission is to support your individual goals and help you reach new PBs in your sport and everyday life with our pure range of supplements.

Join Team Bulk and start living your best, healthiest life!