Agmatine Sulphate

Derived from the amino acid arginine, Agmatine Sulphate supports various health benefits in the body. It is obtained using a chemical reaction to remove the carboxylic acid. Bulk Nutrients offers you 100% pure Pharmaceutical Grade Agmatine Sulphate that allows you to increase the nitric oxide levels in the body and help improve cognitive health. Its healthy antioxidant activity allows Agmatine Sulphate to be labelled as a kind of Super Arginine.

Agmatine Sulphate comes in the form of powder and is effective at increasing the levels of agmatine in your body. Agmatine is stored in neurons where it’s released during neural activation. It is both a neuromodulator and neurotransmitter. Directly supplementing with Agmatine Sulphate is considered the only means of elevating agmatine in the body.

Buy Agmatine Sulphate by Bulk Nutrients and enjoy its health benefits.

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Health Benefits of Agmatine Sulphate

Cardiovascular health

Studies suggest that you could use agmatine to promote the health of your heart. This neurotransmitter may help with both blood sugar and blood pressure. Agmatine helps with the production of nitric oxide, a compound that allows arteries to dilate thus improving circulation. Dilation of arteries makes it easier for your heart to pump blood in the body.

People having high blood pressure are believed to have a reduced ability to utilize nitric oxide within their bodies. When there is too much force of blood pushing against the vessel walls, you may experience high blood pressure. This condition can over time lead to serious health issues like kidney disease and heart disease.

Muscle pump

Taking agmatine before you hit the gym or go for a workout allows you to prepare your body for the workout. If you take it 30 minutes before your workout, you may find that you experience a serious muscle pump. The substance induces the synthesis of nitric oxide that helps your blood vessels to relax allowing more blood to get to the hard-working muscles. As a result, you have increased muscle size and definition after doing strength training.

Boost mood and memory

Agmatine may also help enhance mood and improve memory. It may help reduce anxiety and may assist in reducing pains and aches.

Increased Production of Nitric oxide – Enhanced exercise Performance

Almost every kind of cell in the body produces nitric oxide – an important molecule for the health of blood vessels. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator meaning that it relaxes the internal muscles of blood vessels making the vessels widen. That’s how it increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

Supplements made to increase nitric oxide in your body don’t contain the nitric oxide itself, instead, they comprise compounds that allow your body to synthesize nitric oxide. There are many health benefits that come with nitric oxide. For example, it helps maintain a healthy erection – keeps it firm for sexual performance. Nitric oxide helps the muscles, including those of your penis to relax allowing the chambers in your penis to accumulate blood to allow a firm erection.

Nitric oxide supplements are popular among gym-goers and athletes because it is involved in different cell processes including widening of vessels to promote circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles when exercising the body. This helps enhance exercise performance.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Agmatine helps increase nitric oxide production, and nitric oxide is often useful in the management of type 2 diabetes. People with this condition have impaired production of nitric oxide. Studies have found that people with type 2 diabetes, upon taking L-arginine, the amino acid from which agmatine is derived, their production of nitric oxide increased. The increased nitric oxide leads to heightened blood glucose sensitivity thus allowing the individuals to have better blood sugar control.

Get Bulk Nutrients Agmatine Sulphate and realize the many benefits it offers. Besides the above health benefits, this substance may also be helpful in managing anxiety and depression. It can also help reduce plaques or atherosclerotic lesions that contribute to the hardening of arteries. It supports good high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels that are good for the health of the heart and overall health of the body.

How do you Take Agmatine Sulphate?

Taken as a dietary supplement, you need to consume 750 mg cycle of three-day-on, one-day off. That is, you take the supplement for three days, and on the fourth day, you don’t take it. Then you repeat that cycle. The reason you would want to cycle the supplementation is to help prevent the build-up of tolerance to the substance agmatine which may cancel or reduce its effects.

Is Agmatine Sulphate safe?

Taken in the recommended amount or doses, Agmatine Sulphate is safe. There are however substances that may interact with agmatine so you want to do away with them if you are consuming agmatine, for instance, alcohol, and yohimbine.

Start promoting your workout performance and increased health of your heart and circulation by taking Agmatine Sulphate powder from Bulk Nutrients.

Bulk Nutrients’ Agmatine Sulphate is lab-tested to ensure purity. It has no fillers.