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No one person is the same – we all have different goals, different ways of training and different thoughts on nutrition. But we do share similarities with our friends, families and those we look up to. That is why we created this Shop by Recommended tool.

It showcases all our Bulk Nutrients ambassadors and athletes with all the nitty gritty details on their lifestyle, training schedule and even how they eat each day.

You can search by choosing your sport or interests, filter by female or male and can narrow down to see those with nutrition philosophies you’re interested in. Shop by Recommended and find products best suited to your passions, goals, and lifestyle!

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View Aidan's profile and recommendations

Andrew Lutomski

Meet the best Thor lookalike that we’ve seen - personal trainer Andrew Lutomski

View Andrew's profile and recommendations
View Angus' profile and recommendations

Anna Davey

She’s tough and a climber like no other we’ve seen before, its Anna Davey

View Anna's profile and recommendations

Ben Disseldorp

Ben lives and breathes health and fitness, and has penned a few entries on the Bulk Blog

View Ben's profile and recommendations

Bridget Freeman

Bridget is a wife, mum, small business owner, employee and a multiple time national and international figure and physique champion

View Bridget's profile and recommendations
View Brodie's profile and recommendations

Cameron McKenzie

Cameron is a National Champion Powerlifter, and die hard Rugby League fan from Newcastle. Along side his studies at University he works as a personal trainer out of his home studio.

View Cameron's profile and recommendations
View Chris' profile and recommendations

Dave Napper

Powerlifting, strongman, Brisbane North Barbell Gym owner... and all round nice guy Dave

View Dave's profile and recommendations

Ella Martyn

Ella's a personal trainer, online coach, mentor and fitness competitor who aims to inspire and empower women

View Ella's profile and recommendations

Ellena Tsatsos

Ellena is a former IFBB Figure Pro, posing coach, online coach and judge for various bodybuilding and fitness federations.

View Ellena's profile and recommendations
View Ellie's profile and recommendations

Helena Sly

Helena is a 2nd dan martial artist turned bodybuilder who overcame a spinal fusion at a young age. She's also an online coach who can help you meet your goals.

View Helena's profile and recommendations

Jackson Peos

Super smart and super big, Jackson's our scientific advisor and go-to guy for science backed information on supplementation, nutrition and its effects on training

View Jackson's profile and recommendations

James Newcombe

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador, Perth native and rising star bodybuilder, James Newcombe is on the up and up

View James's profile and recommendations

Lindsay Perry

Mum of two, gym manager, fitness model, wife and postive role model. Is there anything Lindsay can't do?

View Lindsay's profile and recommendations

Louis Perkett

He really lives up to his motto of "unremitting performance". Louis is definitely a role model for bodybuilders and one to keep an eye on.

View Louis's profile and recommendations

Meg Kimura

Meg reflects the Bulk ethos of hard work, breaking molds and always striving for more as she prepares to conquer the stage in her first ever bodybuilding competition.

View Meg's profile and recommendations

Megan Reed

Megan is an elite level powerlifting who has achieved massive successes despite being relatively new to the sport

View Megan's profile and recommendations

Nicole Frain

Cycling superstar and the R&D guru here at Bulk Nutrients, Nicole will surprise you

View Nicole's profile and recommendations

Rose Black

On and off-stage Rose is a winner! Lifelong natural bodybuilder, INBA and IFBB Pro, fitness coach

View Rose's profile and recommendations

Sam Brereton

Sam Brereton is a fresh faced, budding bodybuilder and maybe the world’s biggest Protein Matrix+ advocate!

View Sam B's profile and recommendations

Syed Ali

Syed is a passionate fitness and lifestyle coach who runs his own online PT business and has competed in several bodybuilding competitions.

View Syed's profile and recommendations

Tammie Sarkozy

She’s a highly motivated WBFF Pro Fitness model, Sports Nutritionist and a passionate women’s bodybuilding coach.

View Tammie's profile and recommendations

Tom Stanley

An ironclad work ethic and superb stage presence earned him the Classic Physique State Title for WA this year!

View Tom's profile and recommendations

Trent Baynes

Trent is a personal trainer, fitness and physique competitor, burger lover and Bulk Ambassador

View Trent's profile and recommendations

William Rogers

If you're thinking Big and Strong, you're thinking of Will. This strongman competitor found himself the strongest man in the Tasmania kind of like by accident...

View William's profile and recommendations
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