Personal Trainer and avid gym rat... meet Abbey Siviour!

Abbey is a Personal Trainer and absolutely loves the gym.

She is also a recipe creator and is currently studying Nutrition at Uni, so that she can provide Nutrition and Training advice to clients.

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Abbey Siviour posing with a bowl of food

Hi, I'm Abbey Siviour!

I am a personal trainer and avid gym rat as well as a full-time University student studying Nutrition and Dietetics.

My love for healthy and flexible eating goes hand-in-hand with training in the gym, and therefore, my role with Bulk Nutrients is quite fitting as a recipe creator, coming up with delicious recipes (some healthy and some not so), using their amazing products and inspiring others!

Abbey's Recommended Products

Bulk Nutrients' WPC Whey Protein Concentrate offering high protein levels and unbeatable value

Whey Protein Concentrate

Why I love it: It's seriously so versatile, due to its rich and creamy flavour! It elevates any baked good/smoothie and is 100% reliable to taste amazing in ANYTHING!! It's also so easy to use in baked goods as it doesn't overpower other ingredients, nor does it go grainy and ruin the texture of the food!

How I use it: Baked goods, in a smoothie blended with banana and milk or just by itself with milk!

Bulk Nutrients' Plant Protein Pancakes utilise a range of natural and nutritious plant ingredients

Plant Protein Pancakes

Why I love it: They are PANCAKES... need I say more?? So tasty and easy to make. Combine the sachet with milk, fry those bad boys up and add toppings! Takes less than 10 minutes and are eaten in 1 minute. Definitely a crowd fav!

How I use it: Simply as pancakes or in baked goods

Bulk Nutrients' Pre Workout 101 certified to crush workouts offers sustained energy more focus and no crash

Pre Workout 101

Why I love it: A smooth pre workout that mixes very well with water. This flavour is a favourite as it is refreshing and energising!! This pre workout provides a nice buzz whilst working out and does NOT make you crash an hour later!

How I use it: Mixed with icy water!

Abbey's approach to Nutrition

Is there a type/style of diet you follow?

I follow a high protein diet and the foods I eat are as whole and unprocessed as I can get!

What's your average daily calorie intake?

Around 2500 calories

Are there foods you avoid? Why?

No, I eat everything!

Are there foods you crave? Why?

Yes! Something sweet after dinner every night, whether it be a yoghurt bowl, or a choc mug cake!

What's your go-to cheat meal? Why?

For something savoury, it would be a burger from Grill'd, Oporto etc and for something sweet, definitely a McDonald's McFlurry (half m&m and half oreo!)

My day on a plate


  • Breakfast: 2x sourdough, 1/2 avocado, 2x poached eggs
  • Snack: Protein bar
  • Lunch: Tuna, pre made kale coleslaw, pickles and brown rice & quinoa
  • Snack: Yoghurt bowl w a scoop of Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Concentrate in chocolate, and frozen mixed berries
  • Dinner: Salmon, air fried potato chips, kale slaw
  • Dessert: Ice-cream


  • Breakfast: Oats, skim milk w 1x scoop Bulk Nutrients Protein Matrix in rocky road, mixed berries and honey
  • Snack: 1 piece fresh fruit
  • Lunch: Salmon, pre made kale coleslaw and brown rice & quinoa
  • Dinner: Chicken pesto penne pasta w veggies
  • Dessert: Yoghurt bowl w a scoop of Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Concentrate in chocolate and frozen mixed berries


  • Breakfast: 2x sourdough, 1/2 avocado, 2x poached eggs
  • Snack: Protein bar and peanut butter on rice cakes
  • Lunch: Coles pre made hearty chicken and vegetable soup and 1 x high protein low GI roll
  • Snack: Carrots and cucumber and hommus
  • Dinner: Chicken pesto penne pasta w veggies
  • Dessert: Mug Cake in Choc Cherry Delight


  • Breakfast: Greek yoghurt w one scoop of Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate in vanilla, granola, strawberries and honey
  • Snack: 1 piece of fresh fruit and protein bar
  • Lunch: Loaded turkey sandwich on multigrain bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, hommus, beetroot, cheese and mayo
  • Dinner: yellow chicken curry with LOTS of vegetables; bok choy, spinach, capsicum, onion, potatoes, broccoli with rice
  • Dessert: Ice-cream


This is my cruisier weekday, so I have more time to put effort into my breakfast and snacks to get some good content for work!

  • Breakfast: Bulk Nutrients Plant Protein Pancakes with honey, greek yoghurt and mixed berries
  • Snack: Fruit bowl (strawberries, apple, blueberries)
  • Lunch: Yellow chicken curry and rice
  • Dinner: CHEAT MEAL- Oporto 'Bondi Burger' and chips! Dessert: McDonalds McFlurry (Kit-Kat)

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Abbey Siviour ab workout

Weekly Workout Plan

Monday- Glutes and Hamstrings

  • Hip thrusts @120kg 6 norm 6 kas 6 sec hold X4
  • SL hip thrust @ 12.5kg 10x each leg X4
  • Step up on star master 10 EL @12.5 X 3 SUPERSET: 10 DB RDL @ 20kg 10 DB SUMO SQUATS DEFICIT @30kg X 5
  • FINISHER: 5 x 20 back extensions @20kg

Tuesday- Back and Biceps

  • Deadlifts 10 x 4 @ 100kg
  • Lat pull downs- climb weight and descend reps: 12, 10, 8, 6, 1
  • Cable face pulls- high reps, low weight 20 X 5
  • DB hammer curls @10kg 20 x 5 Barbell '21's'- 21 reps x 5 sets @ 20kg

Wednesday- Quads

  • Front squats @40kg 4 X 10
  • DROPSET: Leg extension 10 AHAP 10 med 10 light X 4 71kg, 57kg, 36kg,
  • DROPSET: Heel elevated goblet squats @20kg @12 @BW X4
  • 70 x Walking lunges @9kg dbs, 70 x walking lunges @ BW

Thursday- Chest and Shoulders

  • Incline DB bench press increasing weight through sets 10 x 4
  • Cable flys 20 x 4
  • Superset: DB pec flys x 10 Weight plate front raises @15kg x 10 X5
  • Triset: DB lateral raises x 20 DB front raises x 20 DB bent over reverse pec flys x 20 x5

Friday- Cardio

  • 3k run Stairmaster complex: 30 sec level 20 (run) 30 sec level 10 (rest) X 10 (10 minutes)

Saturday and Sunday are my rest days

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Abbey Siviour posing on some steps

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

Long term- finish my uni degree and become a qualified dietitian

Medium term- Continue to build my socials @abbeysivnutrition and establish myself in the fitness and nutrition industry and continue to develop yummy recipes that feature on @bulknutrients socials.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

2019- U/17 South Australian netball team and won nationals in Brisbane 2020- Got accepted into my dream course and finished my cert 4 in fitness, enabling me to be a personal trainer. Also was hired at Ryderwear Gym and am now traveling the country helping open up many more gyms interstate.

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