Gym Enthusiast Ben

Ben Disseldorp lives and breathes health and fitness. He loves hitting up the gym for a PR and a pump and is dedicated to fuelling his body to keep reaching his goals in and out of the gym.

Hey guys I’m Ben!

A bit of a gym junkie I am but love all my sports including tennis, football and AFL! I have had a very different journey to many instead of losing weight my goal was to put on weight and a lot of it. I was your typically skinny ectomorph kid weighing 60kg at 195cm ( this was an extremely low weight for my height) and I had a problem with undereating.

Through the help of my close mates and educating myself with the science around bodybuilding on YouTube, I was able to build up a new me and have my body back

I am by no means a big guy, but I have come a long way and the story is only half written. I know I will be able to relate to many people in the Bulk Nutrients community who have been in my shoes.

Seeing results after all the sweat and tears, tracking macros, meal prepping etc it makes everything worth it.

My best advice is to embrace the journey and really fall in love with the process as your physique is built over many years and it is important to enjoy all the food that comes with social situations as life’s too short not to enjoy!

My role with Bulk Nutrients is to write fitness blogs and work at the many events Bulk sponsors throughout the year.

If you are ever at an event, please come up and say hello.

My Instagram

Follow me on my Instagram @bendissfit.


All the products I recommend from Bulk Nutrients are for muscle building and recovery.

BCAA Recovery – Wild Berry

Why I love it: This product has such a large range of benefits including 12g of protein per serve to keep my body from being catabolic (losing muscle) and giving me a boost during the activity with the inclusion of Citrulline Malate that increases blood flow, nutrient uptake as well as improving muscle uptake and growth!

How I use it: : I usually combine my BCAA Recovery with Creatine and Glutamine during my workout to enhance the muscle building benefits.

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Protein Matrix+ Rocky Road

Why I love it: This is my favourite protein powder, I struggle with digesting milk so this product is an absolute essential in my supplement regimen due to the lactase enzyme (and amazing flavours too!).

How I use it: I usually blend this with a banana and ice, it goes down a treat! Or if it’s post workout I mix the protein with almond milk and pour over cereal.

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Pre Workout 101 Strawberry Lime

Why I love it: Pre Workout 101 is an absolute essential when you’ve had a stressful, tiring day at work and need a pick up for a gym or sporting activity. I use Pre Workout 101 a few times a week which helps turn a bad workout into a good one!

How I use it: In a shot of water!

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Thermowhey Rocky Road

Why I love it: This protein is my go to if I am trying to shred, it has a bunch of fat burning ingredients in the protein and keeps me full for longer when on a calorie deficit.

How I use it: Mix with almond milk to keep it low in calories and carbs!

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Training Schedule

My gym routine usually consists of 6 days a week hitting each body part at least 2 times. I usually hit back/biceps and chest/tri twice a week and legs/calves and shoulders/biceps once a week.

My approach to nutrition

My approach to my diet currently is eating in a calorie surplus to assist with putting on lean muscle. I am eating roughly 300-500 calories over my maintenance intake.

My diet consists of 90% clean food and 10% processed food with 1 cheat meal a fortnight on average. I religiously meal prep my lunch and dinner consisting of a lean protein source and rice or potatoes.

My biggest tip? Carbohydrates are your friend and not the enemy and you should be incorporating as many in as your body can process.

What is my average daily calorie intake? 3,500 calories.

Foods I avoid... Foods really high in fat! I prefer to get my fats through avocados, peanut butter and olive oil as they all contain loads of benefits.

Foods I crave... Pizza and chips due to irresistible flavour!

My ultimate cheat meal is... Pizza and hot chips, just a carb coma! It is such a good reward once a fortnight for giving it my all in the gym!

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

Long term goal is body recomposition and putting on lean muscle mass to support my job and be proud of the body I am in!

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

Check out my transformation over on my Instagram.

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