Powerhouse Strongman Dave Napper!

Dave is an absolute legend. There, we said it.

He’s one of our longest standing ambassadors and has been using Bulk products for a staggering 10+ years.

After humble beginnings (ask Dave what his build looked like through his teenage years), his achievements in the competitive Powerlifting & Strongman scene have been nothing short of phenomenal.

To add to all that, Dave also runs Brisbane North Barbell which is the premiere powerlifting gym in South East Queensland, if not Australia. So yeah, Dave’s a legend!

Hey there, I'm Dave!

Hi my name is Dave Napper, owner of Brisbane North Barbell.

I've been a competitive Powerlifter & Strongman for over 6 years now and in that time have racked up more than 50 competitions including a 320kg squat, 187.5kg bench press & 331kg deadlift in Powerlifting Australia competitions.

I first started training when I turned 15 years (over 15 years ago) and have been using Bulk Nutrients supplements for more than 10 years. I love the extensive range of Aussie made supps that Bulk offers, as well as their great prices and honest ingredients.

My gym (Brisbane North Barbell) is my passion and I'm proud of how it has grown over the past 5+ years. If you're after the biggest & best equipped Powerlifting & Strongman gym in South East Queensland then you won't find better than BNB!

If you have questions about Powerlifting or Strongman, training in general or nutrition (I completed a Bachelor of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine at uni) please don't hesitate to add me on Insta and get in touch!

My Instagram

Follow my training and lifts on my Instagram brisbanenorthbarbell.


I love the products in Bulk's range that help keep me as strong as possible, plus allow for deep sleep recovery.

Creatine Monohydrate

Why I love it:Proven benefits for strength sports, which suits my powerlifting & strongman training.

How I use it:Add a one to two serves to my daily smoothies.

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BCAA Recovery

Why I love it:The Wild Berry flavour helps me consume up to 8 litres during training. It also contains electrolytes which I need but no sugars which is beneficial if I'm on a calorie deficit.

How I use it: Add to water in a shaker and consume during training

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Micellar Casein

Why I love it:Mixing it up with slightly less water than recommended by Bulk makes a nice chocolate thickshake before bed. Yum!

How I use it: Full cream milk, a splash of water and a little added fibre

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Max Sleep

Why I love it: Max Sleep really helps me calm down and get to sleep faster after stressful days/nights with work.

How I use it: One full serve in slightly less water than recommended. It tastes great!!

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Training Schedule

I train for, and compete in, powerlifting & strongman, so my training routines depend upon which competition I'm training for next and how far away it is.

I usually train for 2hrs, Mon to Fri. My previous powerlifting routine was...

  • Monday - Paused bench press, back off bench press & pressing accessories
  • Tuesday - Squats, deadlifts & upper back
  • Wednesday - Paused bench press, back off bench press & pressing accessories
  • Thursday - Front squats, stiff leg deadlifts & upper back
  • Friday - Slingshot paused bench press & pressing accessories

My approach to nutrition

I'm pretty flexible in nature so I don't follow a strict diet. When I'm trying to drop a few final kg before a comp, I'll ensure I'm in a calorie defecit.

Generally, I try to avoid foods I know are high calorie and low satiety, so empty carbs like soft drinks, alcohol etc. This usually keeps me on track nicely.

I'm quite good with my nutrition Sunday to Friday as I'm working at Brisbane North Barbell, so can control what I eat better. Saturdays though, all bets are off as I'm usually home with the wife and kids.

What is my average daily calorie intake? Around 3,500

My day on a plate


I usually skip breakfast as a way of reducing calories and allowing me to eat more before & after training.


2 chicken kievs & 2 packs of frozen veg

After training

Bulk Nutrients smoothie

Early evening

Bulk Nutrients smoothie


Meat & veg/salad plus a Bulk Nutrients smoothie

Before bed

Bulk Nutrients smoothie

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

My current goals to lift are:

  • 335kg deadlift in powerlifting competition 2020
  • 325kg squat in powerlifting competition 2021
  • Compete in under 120kg weight class 2020 or 2021

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

  • Queensland's Strongest Man 2018 including a 335kg deadlift
  • Powerlifting Australia 120kg National Champion 2016
  • 331kg Australian Deadlift record 2015
  • Represented Australia at IPF World Championships 2015
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