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Personal Trainer and Nutritionist... it's Emily Westgarth!

Emily loves helping all of her clients to be the best versions of themselves and prides herself on having a positive impact on others.

She's always used Bulk products on her journey, and she is based in our home state of Tasmania, so it's great to have her onboard!

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Emily Westgarth

Hey guys, my name is Emily!

I am a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist living in Hobart, Tasmania. I discovered my passion for helping others and for the gym back in 2020, so I decided to make it my career 🥇

It's been an absolute whirlwind of a journey but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Every single day I get to help my clients be the best versions of themselves (I'm pretty much a professional hype girl). I pride myself on giving my best to my clients and making a positive impact on the universe.

I am only a recent ambassador for Bulk Nutrients, however, I adored the products prior to being a part of the team. They've been my number one go-to for supplements since day one, which made me so beyond excited when I got asked to be an ambassador for an authentic local Tassie company.

Yours in Health and Fitness, Em x

Emily's Bulk Recommendations

Here are some of the products I use and recommend!

Bulk Nutrients' Whey Protein Isolate WPI is ultra high in protein and is sourced from grass fed cows

Whey Protein Isolate

Why I love it: Because its SCRUMPTIOUS. It tastes like a yummy vanilla protein powder but with maple syrup. What more could you ask for?

How I use it: I have it in my overnight protein oats with almond milk and raspberries. Tastes like a dream!

Bulk Nutrients' Pre Workout 101 certified to crush workouts offers sustained energy more focus and no crash

Pre Workout 101

Why I love it: It gives you the best hype pre gym. It's tasty but not too sweet, but also isn't bland. It's the perfect pre workout - doesn't give you the jitters but its enough to get some serious PB's.

How I use it: I put it in a Bulk Nutrients Shaker with 500ml of water !

Bulk Nutrients' BCAA Recovery have countless studies showing benefits in reducing muscle soreness

BCAA Recovery

Why I love it: Helps promote recovery after a workout and its like a well deserved treat post training. It has Passionfruit flavour too which is my fave ! Peach Iced Tea is also delicious.

How I use it: Lots of water with a scoop to stay super hydrated. :)

Emily's Approach to Nutrition

I am very much a flexible dieter who doesn't limit options. I still make a conscious effort to eat veggies and fruit with nearly every meal and get in a serious protein intake!

As I have previously tracked with competitions and have a good knowledge of macro and micronutrients as a nutritionist, I feel flexible eating is a great approach for me.

What's your average daily calorie intake? 1800-2200 cals

Are there foods you avoid? No foods are bad foods unless it's sardines or oysters

Are there foods you crave? Coffee generally but that's just because I have a great coffee machine at home and am a whiz at making an oat milk latte!

What's your go-to cheat meal? Never opposed to a pizza or burger! I don't think 'cheat meals' or 'cheat days' should be a thing, everything should be okay in moderation so you can enjoy the foods you live with no restrictions, just make small adjustments 😊

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Emily Westgarth

Weekly Workout Plan

As Matthew McConaughey once said, alright, alright, alright!

Generally, my training involves 1 hour of strength training a day and 6000-10,000 steps (mostly walking my French bulldog, Opie !)

As a PT as well, I will demo the exercises for my clients so I feel that counts also a little bit? 😉

Monday: Glutes. Trialling some German Volume Training at the moment too! High reps and sets (for example 10 x 10).

Tuesday: Back and Biceps (my fave)

Wednesday: Rest/cardio/active recovery

Thursday: Quads / Calves.

Friday: Chest and Triceps.

Saturday: Shoulder day!

Sunday: Rest/cardio/active recovery.

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Emily Westgarth working out at the gym

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

Being my happiest and healthiest self! Practising more mindfulness, getting more sunshine, enjoying life.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

I competed in the 2021 ICN comp and won my Angels Division! I also placed in top 5 for 6 other categories (bikini and sports categories) It was such an incredible experience and really opened up my eyes to the world of competing.

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Emily Westgarth at the Tasmania ICN

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