Aspiring Bodybuilder and Bulk Ambassador Sam

Sam Brereton is a fresh faced, budding bodybuilder and maybe the world’s biggest Protein Matrix+ advocate!

Sam grew up around the gym environment, idolizing his multiple Australian titles winning father, who is a huge motivation for him in the gym.

Here at Bulk Nutrients we’re sure big things await Sam in 2020 and are very excited to have him onboard as a brand ambassador.

Hey there, I'm Sam Brereton!

Hi, my names Sam Brereton, I’m an easy-going guy with a passion for benching big and deadlifting bigger!

Growing up I spent a lot of time at bodybuilding shows watching my Dad compete, he was a huge inspiration for me and the whole reason I got into fitness in the first place.

In 2015 he unfortunately passed away and I took it very hard. I gained a lot of weight and was unmotivated to train.

I still remember the day I got on the scales and realized how much I let myself go, I decided to make a change in my life and that’s when the next chapter of my fitness journey began.

Since then, I’ve taken the lessons I learnt from my Dad and supplements from Bulk Nutrients to help refined my training program and my diet. In the last 2 years, I got myself a coach and currently have perfect 2020 vision, with my eyes firmly set on competing in bodybuilding in season A, next year.

I made some big changes in my life and haven’t looked back; I feel better than ever and motivated to step on stage in 2020.

My Instagram

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All the products I recommend from Bulk Nutrients are designed to help with pre, intra and post workouts. I’ve also slipped in the perfect product for a cheeky cheat meal!

Protein Matrix+ - Choc Honeycomb

Why I love it: Pretty obvious this would be my #1 pick. I find it to be the perfect blend of protein I have not used anything else since making the switch. Absolutely love the flavours and it mixes up so well. It’s not watery like most WPI and not as heavy with carbs and fats like most WPC so for me I find it the perfect balance in between!

How I use it: I have it mixed through my oats every morning, along with post workout shake and sometimes mix it through Chobani for extra protein and it tastes great.

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Pre Workout 101 – Berry Lemonade

Why I love it: It’s not too heavy with caffeine so I can take it later in the day without it effecting my sleep and it’s also not too soft that it doesn’t cause me to crash after taking it. It also comes in a good range of flavours.

How I use it: 2 heaped scoops mixed with 200-300ml of water sometimes added into L Glutamine and Creatine Monohydrate.

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BCAA Recovery – Apple & Raspberry

Why I love it: Why I love it: I’ve only recently started adding BCAA Recovery into my supp stack, but I’ve noticed the difference since using it. It helps with recovery but it’s also nice to sip on through a workout or even later in the day when craving something sweet, also perfect on rest days.

How I use it: I usually almost fill a 600ml shaker to the top with water, then shake it through!

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Protein Pancakes – Chocolate

Why I love it: These Protein Pancakes are easy to cook and taste delicious. They are am awesome addition into my cheat day while sticking to a good source of protein, carb and fat for breakfast.

How I use it: Exactly how the directions say on the packet, then drizzle some sugar free maple syrup on it and add some fropro for a winning cheat day meal.

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Training Schedule

A usual week in the gym for me looks like this:

  • Monday - chest/triceps
  • Tuesday - back/biceps
  • Wednesday - legs
  • Thursday - rest
  • Friday - push
  • Saturday - pull
  • Sunday - rest

5 days on and 2 rest days a week allows me to keep the frequency of training high with enough time to recover in between. I love the chest/triceps, back/biceps, legs with push/pull because it allows me to hit almost all muscles twice a week.

My approach to nutrition

I’m currently eating a bit over 3500 calories a day to bulk up. The calories are made up of mostly carbs with high protein and lower fat. I’ll continue to bulk up until it gets closer to competing, the calories will then slowly be reduced mainly through less carbs.

My diet stays consistent between Sunday-Friday. I have incorporated foods I really enjoy, which helps me keep on track. I’ve found that adding the foods you want to eat and eating a variety of different food keeps my diet fun and interesting. You often change up your training program, so why not your meals too!

On Saturdays I have a refeed day which I still track and try to stay in a calorie range. A refeed day is a great way to reward yourself for being disciplined through the week. Saturday works well for me because it signifies the “end” of a workout week (as I rest on Sundays) plus there are always great Saturday pizza specials!

What is my average daily calorie intake? Bit over 3500cals

Foods I crave... Yes, there are some foods I crave everyone has cravings, but if you can learn to work foods you enjoy into your diet it makes your diet a lot easier to stick to.

My ultimate cheat meal is... Pizza and ice cream, my two favourite things! Believe it or not, I’ve even worked them into my diet and currently eat both every day.

My day on a plate

My week days are all pretty much identical and roughly consist of...


85g oats, 1x 30g scoop Protein Matrix+, 12g honey, 10g peanut butter, 1x bagel + 10g butter


Meal 1: 175g lean mince, 100g uncooked rice, 7g macadamias Meal 2: 1x Chobani fit, 1x 30g scoop Protein Matrix+, 85g be natural cereal, 10g almonds, 10g peanut butter


1.5x mission pizza bases, 150g chicken, 20g light cheese, 60g pineapple


2x heaped scoops of Pre Workout 101 Berry Lemonade


1x 30g scoop Protein Matrix+ Choc Honeycomb, 87g Allen’s lollies


200g fropro ice cream, 2x crumpet

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

My current goal I’m working towards and aiming for is to compete in bodybuilding in season A 2020.

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