If you're thinking Big and Strong, you're thinking of Will.

This strongman competitor found himself the strongest man in Tasmania kind of by accident and has since kept on increasing his skills in lifting heavy things and putting them down; for us, his strongest skill is lifting... our motivation!

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Hi, I'm Will

I’m a competitive strongman from Tasmania. I grew up rurally and have always been naturally strong. In my teens, I did Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. After an injury, I tried bodybuilding but instead of getting bigger, I got stronger. I started strongman at a competition in January 2019 where my coach Camilla Fogagnolo recognised my potential and I have dedicated my life to it ever since. I was thrown straight in the deep end from the beginning, competing at The Arnold International, Australia’s Strongest Man and earning my title of Tasmania’s strongest man all in my first year.

I have big dreams and with the support from my gym, my coach, my sponsors and loved ones I believe I can achieve them.

I have been using Bulk Nutrients from the beginning and I am so proud to be representing a great product and a Tassie brand.


Here are some of the Bulk products I love!

Bulk Nutrients' 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate

Why I love it: Creatine is an essential supplement to take if you are trying to gain size and strength. Bulk Nutrients Creatine mixes well and is easily added to any beverage.

How I use it: I take my creatine in my morning coffee, sometimes with Protein Hot.

Protein Matrix+

Protein Matrix+

Why I love it: For Strongmen, fast recovery is essential. This is why I use Protein Matrix. As stated, “It combines some of the purest forms of protein available anywhere in ratios that are perfect for muscle growth and recovery. Our blend also includes additional Glutamine for its recovery benefits”. So it’s the best option for me.

How I use it: I have a scoop several times during the day with carbs and water and in the evening with milk. Sometimes I use it to make rice pudding.

Proviotic Capsules

Proviotic Capsules

Why I love it: Proviotic is a multivitamin and a probiotic in one capsule. Which is smart and convenient.

How I use it: With my coffee in the morning.

Joints Capsules

Joints Capsules

Why I love it: Joint Complex is a great supplement for me because Strongman is very hard on my joints and I need to keep mine healthy and strong.

How I use it: With my morning coffee.

Carb+ Carbohyrdrate Blend


Why I love it: Carb+ is a convenient way to get extra calories into your protein shakes and fuel up during a training session

How I use it: With water or Protein Matrix.

My approach to nutrition

My diet includes LOTS of beef, rice, potatoes, pasta and green veggies. I follow the Vertical diet. However, I have supplements and snacks outside of that when I feel like it. I am also gluten-free.

I have 4 large meals per day. My meals are so large that they never fail to get a comment like “I wouldn’t eat that in a week”.

My day on a plate


  • Breakfast: coffee, creatine, joint Complex, proviotic, protein matrix rice pudding (250g).
  • Meal 1 & 2: 1kg of minced beef, green veggies and 1kg of white rice.
  • Dinner: 750g spaghetti bolognese with either 750g potato or GF pasta.
  • 2x during the day: Protein matrix, carb + with water and a protein bar.

Diet you follow... Gluten-Free, High Protein

What is my average daily calorie intake? Whatever I can fit in :)

Foods I avoid... Deep-fried foods and foods containing gluten. Because of the world of hurt, I am in afterwards.

Foods I crave... A ham and salad sandwich and a meat pie. Because I can’t have them.

My ultimate cheat meal is... Due to how much I eat... I don’t have cheat meals.

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

To get my Arnold’s pro card, win Australia’s Strongest Man and get an invitation to Worlds Strongest Man.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

I won Tasmania’s Strongest man and placed 4th at Australia’s Strongest Man in 2019.