Rising Star Bodybuilder and Bulk Ambassador James

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador, Perth native and rising star bodybuilder, James Newcombe is on the up and up.

Crowned the overall winner in the Arnold Sports Festival 2019 James is well on his way to receiving a Pro card.

Hey everyone, I’m James!

I’m a bodybuilder from the far West of Australia (Perth) and I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 6 years (but training for 9+ years).

Sports as a child got me into bodybuilding. I chose to do river rowing as a sport, and this ultimately led to my introduction into the gym and gave me the discipline that has helped me succeed in bodybuilding.

My focus now lies around functional training for bodybuilders and the general population. I have a passion for using the knowledge I gained from my experience training/competing to help others.

I have many aspirations in sports and business that would not be so razor-focused without the routine and lifestyle I live for bodybuilding.


The products I’ve recommended from Bulk Nutrients are those that can help with overall health and performance.

ZMA Complex Capsules

ZMA Complex Capsules

Why I love it: One of my most important supplements, without taking ZMA I find myself cramping and not recovering from training.

How I use it: I actually open the capsule and split it up in to 3 doses over my day. One capsule is all I need but not all at once

Bulk Nutrients Green Fusion

Green Fusion

Why I love it: It allows me to get extra micronutrients in my day, without having to eat huge volumes of food. With bodybuilding, I already have to eat so much, so I love being able to add this to my day for an extra boost.

How I use it: Blend it in a shake with berries or mix it in my oats.

Bulk Nutrients' Red Fusion

Red Fusion

Why I love it: I enjoy being able to get these extra micronutrients and antioxidants in my day. I have always preached high antioxidants in any diet. This is a great product and I love being able to supplement my AO so easily.

How I use it: Blend in a shake or add to oats.

Pre Workout Powder

Pre Workout Powder (Non Stimulant)

Why I love it: I used to buy all the ingredients individually and mix myself. But this product does it for me and there is no artificial crap/colour in it. The taste is fair and not too strong, which I love!

How I use it: In my pre-workout shake with about 30-60g carbohydrates in about 1 litre of water

Training Schedule

My training is split into 5 days on with 2 days off. In a typical week I have 2 pull days, a vertical and horizontal, a push day, a leg day, and arms day and I aim to get a HIIT cardio session in as well.

Monday - Pull day with horizontal rows

Tuesday - Push and front delt day with Presses, Flys and Front Raises

Wednesday - Rest day

Thursday - Pull (delts) day with Vertical Rows, Rear Delts

Friday - Legs day with a focus on Hamstrings and low volume heavy squats

Saturday - Arms Day

Sunday - Rest Day

My approach to nutrition

I eat a pretty standard bodybuilding diet of 5 meals a day. Of those meals 3 contain lean meats, 1 contains egg and 1 contains Bulk Nutrients Protein Powder, which I usually combine with a carb option like white rice, sweet potato or oats. Good fats also shouldn’t be forgotten about and my go to’s include; fish oil, avocado and egg yolks.

I always wash my food before cooking, I meal prep meat 2 times a week and cook carbs fresh daily for taste and freshness.

My girlfriend also preps some pretty boss recipes that I have no idea how to explain. But preps my rice as paella, or Lebanese rice and makes shredded slow-cooked meats etc.

This variation in the way food is cooked is probably one of the main reasons I stay so consistent. I don't ever go off the plan because I allow myself so much variation on that plan.

What is my average daily calorie intake? 3750 (cutting)

Foods I crave... All the foods in my diet, I rarely go off plan. If I do it is controlled.

My ultimate cheat meal is... Lebanese food... Hommus...

A day on my plate

My diet stays the same most weeks and only varies depending on if I train or have a rest day. A typical week looks something like this...

Training Days

Meal 1 - 200g chicken, 500g sweet potato, 100g baby spinach

Meal 2 - 200g chicken, 130g rice, 100g baby spinach

Meal 3 - 200g beef, 5 rice cakes, 50g sauerkraut

Pre Training - Bulk Nutrients Pre Workout Powder (Non-Stimulant)

Meal 4 (post-training) - 1 scoop Bulk Nutrients' WPI Salted Caramel, 100g oats, 100g mixed berries, 1-2g cinnamon

Meal 5 (blended and cooked) - 6 eggs whites, 1 banana, 75g oats, + 30g honey and 100g berries on top

Rest Days

Meal 1 - 200g chicken, 500g sweet potato, 100g baby spinach

Meal 2 - 200g chicken, 130g rice, 100g baby spinach

Meal 3 - 200g beef, 5 rice cakes, 50g sauerkraut

Meal 4 - 3 whole eggs, 2 pieces paleo toast, 50g avo, 50g cottage cheese

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

Medium-term: Learn to enjoy and love training daily, not make it feel like a grind.

Long-term: Change the world with health and fitness.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

I consider all my results as exceptional, even if I have a bad workout. My biggest results have come from the spiritual journey that has helped me look for answers inside, rather than living life looking outwards at things that you will never reach or obtain.

These exceptional spiritual results have impacted all areas of my life and brought immense feelings of love and happiness in my life which I once wash shutting out by over obsessing and training with anger and hate.