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Megan Hutchinson

Strongwoman & Bodybuilder Competitor

Megan is a natural strongwoman and bodybuilding competitor as well as a mum of three young children. After gaining weight during her three pregnancies Megan decided to change her lifestyle and transformed her body losing 38kg.

In 2013 Megan first competed in bodybuilding where she received a 1st place, two 3rd placings and one 5th place in the figure category of several national shows.

After this time, Megan discovered her love for strongwoman and achieved an E1 grade, the highest grade achieved so far by a female in South Australia and also holds the title of SA’s 2015 strongest female (U70kg) and 2014 Womens Log lifting Champion (U75kg).

Plus, just recently Megan competed in the physique categorize of the SA ANB competition and took out 1st place.

Megan always sets herself goals and refuses to make any excuses that could get in the way of achieving them!

Q&A with Megan

1. How do you balance work and family with your training and prep?
Fortunately my work is flexible with starting and finishing times, so I go to work after dropping my kids off at school. Straight from work I go to gym and finish in time to pick the kids up from school. It hasn't always been so easy and I spent a few years dragging my children to gym and putting them into crèche at the gym.

2. What has been your biggest obstacle in your bodybuilding/strongman career so far?
Working around an injury was a big obstacle for me. Not being able to train the way I wanted while I allowed my body to recover is difficult both physically and mentally.

3.What is your ultimate cheat meal?
As I follow Flexible Dieting (IIFYM), I don't have cheat meals. But during my comp prep some of my favourite things to finish my day with were: dark chocolate (In particular Old Gold Rum 'n' Raisin), Vanilla Chai Whey Hot and a Skinny Cow ice cream.

4. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador?
What I love most about being a Bulk Nutrients ambassador is being a part of a great team and knowing the products are of the highest quality and I can trust them and feel confident recommending them.

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