15 Whey Cool Ways To Use Your Protein

15 Whey Cool Ways To Use Your Protein

Posted by Hannah Rabe on Jan 29, 2017

Are you struggling to hit your macros? Are you tired of having the same old protein shake everyday? Well boy have we got a treat for you!

Welcome to the ultimate encyclopedia of new and inventive ways to use your protein powder.

There are some seriously ground-breaking recipe ideas here…

Well, not quite that groundbreaking!

But we’ve got a huge range of exciting recipes that will help you get that protein in, without downing litres of liquid. Quite frankly we like to eat our protein, as much as we like to drink it.

Why have just a protein shake, when you could have popcorn, cookies and mousse too?

1. Protein Balls

These make great snacks for those busy, on-the-go kind of days. They’re super easy to make and extremely versatile.

Need some inspiration? Think Banana Mug Cake Protein Bites, Vegan Choc Berry Bites, Matcha Chocolate Protein Balls, ANZAC Protein Bites, Christmas Spiced Protein Balls, and oh so tasty Espresso Balls.

2. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Unfortunately our figures don’t really… But if it’s packed with protein and low on sugar, then I’m sure your figure will forgive you.

Try our Rocky Road Chocolate. You won’t regret it.

3. Slices

We love our sweets here at Bulk HQ. Fortunately, we’ve found a healthier way to indulge in them.

Try out some of these ones at home. They’ll curb your sweet cravings. Berry and Coconut Protein Slice, Lamington Slice, Choc Cashew Slice or the classic and delicious Protein Jelly Slice.

4. Muesli

Are you tired of your usual boring breakfast of oats or eggs? What if we told you there was a way to get a great protein intake at breakfast without eating them? Well, there is!

Introducing our insanely tasty Chocolate Protein Granola. Give it a go! You’ll never eat oats again.

5. Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes, right? They bring back great memories of childhood breakfasts and parties. Unfortunately our metabolism isn’t as fast as it used to be when we were younger, so we’ve had to give up our daily pancakes. Well now that’s not entirely true. Here’s a great way to have guilt-free pancakes and keep up your protein intake.

We’ve got oh so many delicious, protein-packed pancake recipes for you to choose from. How about Chocolate Berry Pancakes with Oat Crumble, Banana Cake Protein Pancakes, Protein Pancakes with Protein ‘Nutella’ Spread, Choc Biscuit Pancakes or even Carrot Cake Pancakes? You’re welcome.

6. Mousse

There’s nothing we love more than a bowl of smooth, creamy mousse after dinner.

Now you can enjoy one too with these simple, yet amazingly tasty protein mousse recipes. Why not try out Choc Berry Protein Mousse, Micellar Casein Mousse or even the indulgent Choc Mint Mousse?

7. Cake… Or Better Yet, Cheesecake

Is your mouth watering yet? If it didn’t start watering at the sound of cheesecake, then we’re quite concerned. We dare you to try making these at home without salivating just a little…

We can’t decide which we like better. You choose. How about Caramel Latte Protein Cake , Choc Mint Raw Protein Cake, Protein Snickers Cake, Protein Banana Cream Pie, Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Cake, Pumpkin Pie Cake, Chocolate Ricotta Cheesecake or Choc Peanut Butter Ripple Protein Cake? All the cakes!

8. Waffles

Ah waffles, a Belgian classic, now loved by so many around the world. Particularly us. And you too by the time you’ve demolished these two recipes.

Try out either our Peanut Butter Waffles or Brownie Protein Waffles. However you choose, you’ll be stoked with the tasty result.

9. Epic Smoothies

We know smoothies aren’t that different and original. But how about these epic smoothies? We’d say they’re pretty fancy.

Try them out for yourself and see. Choose from our Carrot Cake Smoothie, Snickers Protein Smoothie, Black Forest and Caramel Apple Pie Smoothies, Marshmallow Smoothie, Eggnog Smoothie or even more on our recipe blog!

10. Popcorn

Everyone loves popcorn. It’s low calorie, easy to snack on and basically just downright amazing!

Try our protein-packed popcorn variety instead to up your protein intake and excite your tastebuds.

11. Cookies

Cookies… Because lets face it, we’re all closet Cookie Monsters. However, our cookies are just that little bit fancier than poor old Cookie Monster’s.

Why not try making some of these at home to release the inner monster? There are Wagon Wheels, Coconut Oat Protein Cookies, Protein Ginger Bread Cookies (or Gingerbread House if you’re game) and finally our Ultimate Chocolate Chip Oat Protein Cookie… Made for multiple Cookie Monsters.

12. Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Particularly when it’s our healthy protein ice cream.

Try some of these to cure your summer ice cream cravings. Think Choc Protein Ice Cream Sandwich, Basic Protein Ice Cream or even our Berry Muesli Ice Cream Sandwich.

13. Donuts

Cure that hole in your heart with something that understands how you feel: the donut. These Protein Donuts or ‘Pronuts’ as we like to call them, will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside… And best of all, they also give you a protein boost. We bet Krispy Kreme can’t do that!

Choose from our delicious Chocolate Mini Donuts or Stuffed Donut Protein Balls.

14. Soups

Moving on to our savoury section, for those few rare people out there who don’t like sweets. You can still get your protein in without consuming multiple cartons of eggs with our simple protein-packed soups.

Try out either our Pea and Ham Protein Soup or our tasty West African Peanut Protein Soup. You will not regret this choice!

15. Eggs

Lastly, we’ve got a classic for you: Eggs. But eggs without the fear of the carton going off or having to run to the shops to get some because you’re out.

Using our Bulk Nutrients Egg Protein, you can whip up a range of egg-based dishes without the need for conventional eggs. It’s like magic, hey?

Why not give either our Veggie Protein Omelette or Ultimate Breakfast Burrito a go?

There you have it. A range of protein-packed treats that don’t require you to guzzle down litres of milk or water.

Now if you still can’t find something you like here, then we’re very, very concerned.

Happy eating!

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